Market, Lease, Engage, and Streamline Your Entire Resident Lifecycle with Realync.

Leveraging live and pre-recorded video, multifamily teams are able to build a personal, human connection and help residents find their home — virtually.

Through Realync’s video platform, multifamily teams can:







Improve Resident

Engagement and




Build Brand




Lower Net

Operating Expenses


What Works

Decrease Lead-to-Lease Time

Qualify Prospective Residents


The average prospect contacts 4.7 properties before signing a lease.

At initial interest, leasing agents are expected to showcase the property at the prospect’s request. By not qualifying prospects prior to touring, leasing agents spend a large amount of time with unqualified, top-of-the-funnel prospects.


Qualify your prospective residents by sending pre-recorded videos or hosting a virtual open house of your community.

Prior to meeting in-person, invite prospects to a virtual open house or send community and unit-specific Realync videos. By previewing the property virtually, prospective residents narrow down their focus on what to visit in person. These experiences instill trust and transparency into the leasing process while allowing your leasing team to be safe and more efficient – meaning fewer tours and less face-to-face time required!

Increase Sight-Unseen Leases

Give Live Video Tours and Construction Updates


Potential residents are unable to tour in-person due to location, construction schedule, or external factors.

Prospects want to see their specific unit and truly experience the community whether touring in person or not. Those personalized experiences are not showcased in 3D tours or pictures.


1 in 3 prospective residents now prefer virtual tours over in-person tours.

Meet your prospective residents where they are by showing them what they want and need to see when they want and need to see it with Realync virtual tours and video sessions.

Improve Resident Engagement and Retention

Provide and Promote Community Updates


42% of residents planning to move are leaving due to their experience at the community during the pandemic / their experience with property communication.

By not having the proper technology and tools, property teams are unable to effectively communicate in real-time with their residents.


Video increases your email engagement by 300% and humanizes your team.

Create efficient and personalized Realync videos to provide timely information and resident communications, while also promoting resident events and programs.

Mitigate Risk

Standardize Fair Housing Compliance


Forgetting to abide by Fair Housing guidelines can result in fines and damages.

Virtual tools do not automatically reflect or include Fair Housing compliance or track the applicant process, making it easy for gaps to arise or mistakes to be made.


Automatically include Fair Housing compliance in all communications and store all information in the cloud for a built-in audit trail.

Realync ensures your team is safe by always including all Equal Housing and ADA logos and disclaimers in all video experiences. Realync stores all videos in the cloud to create a trackable record should audits be needed.

Build Brand Awareness

Improve Digital Conversion Rates


With over 21.4 million apartment units in the US, the multifamily market is crowded and competition is on the rise, making it difficult to differentiate and gain market share.

The multifamily industry still heavily relies on traditional media for marketing (paper, events, billboards), but in a virtual world, these mediums no longer reach your target audience as desired.


Over 97% of Gen Z’s use social media, and videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text combined.

Showcase your property on social media and share videos of your community where your prospective residents are — online. Publish and promote Realync videos to gain traction and track engagement with your target audience to prove ROI.

Accelerate Leasing

Follow-up Effectively with Real-Time Notifications


The average prospective resident visits a property 2.8 times prior to leasing.

Prospective residents often forget what they tour in-person or have roommates/family that need and ask to come back for repeat showings.


Connect with prospects following in-person tours by sending personalized follow-up videos recapping what was shown and discussed.

With Realync’s real-time notifications, your team gains insight into what videos your prospects view and when they view them. Naturally follow-up with prospects when your property is top of mind and decrease repeat showings by putting the tours right in their hands.

Lower Net Operating Expenses

Increase Team Efficiency and Decrease Service Requests


There’s always more to do with maintenance requests, property updates, and keeping residents happy!

Non-emergency requests build up and create bottlenecks for maintenance teams negatively affecting resident sentiment and community reviews.


Provide how-tos videos and answer FAQs to limit or eliminate non-emergency in-person maintenance requests.

Virtual communication enables your teams to keep residents safe while decreasing NOI and health concerns. Leveraging Realync videos, empower your residents to fix non-emergency issues by walking through video FAQs and how-to’s like “how to turn on a tripped breaker” or “how to reset your thermostat.”

Discover What Works

Leverage Cloud Based Analytics and Reporting


Little to no insight into what affects occupancy, leasing, and retention rates and an inability to prove ROI.

At the corporate and property level, understanding your team’s effectiveness is sometimes limited to high level numbers when not using the proper platform, making it hard to see what truly closes leases and retains residents.


Easily measure video effectiveness and discover trends and key information with real-time analytics.

Using Realync’s analytic dashboard, understand what videos work best, on what platform, and at what time in one view at the corporate and property level. Also analyze resident sentiment and feedback to know what your audience is preferring and how to position your community most effectively to close a deal.