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Accelerate Leasing

  • Speed up lease-up

    Provide construction updates and showcase your space without having to do hard hat tours or in-person appointments.

  • Pre-lease occupied units

    ‘Show’ occupied units without having to physically tour the space by sending pre-recorded videos.

  • Convert a higher percentage of your leads into leases

    Create unique experiences for prospects and instill trust and transparency into the leasing process.

  • Spend less time to close each lease

    Show every prospect what they want to see when they want to see it to expedite the touring process.

  • Increase sight-unseen leasing

    Make it a breeze for your out-of-market leads to check all of the boxes and lease confidently.

Make Video an Enterprise Strategy

  • Scale leasing by scaling communication

    Increase communication with prospective and existing residents simply and efficiently with standardized, cloud-based videos.

  • Cater to everyone effortlessly

    Make your content accessible across all devices with just one click.

  • Decrease risk with compliant videos

    Standardize Fair Housing compliance with a built-in audit trail and the ADA and Equal Opportunity logos automatically included.

  • Maintain centralized, cloud-based access

    Access all of your video content across web and mobile devices and remove the risk of losing content due to turnover.

  • Enforce brand standards

    Create bumper lanes enforcing brand compliance with standardized fonts, colors, logo inclusion, and more.

Turn Your Videos Into Insights

  • Follow up when it counts

    Receive alerts to know exactly who is watching which videos, when, and how many times.

  • Test and track how your content performs

    Share your content across a variety of channels like text, email, social media, websites, and more while easily measuring its effectiveness.

  • Understand usage and engagement with a built-in analytics dashboard

    Track all content and usage across all of your communities to quickly see how on-site teams and their content are performing.

  • Capture contact information from virtual open houses

    Automatically receive a consolidated export of all RSVPs and attendees from your live virtual open houses.

Improve Community Engagement

  • Promote your resident programs

    Increase engagement with your resident programs by capturing and sending pre-recorded videos through email, social media, or internal apps.

  • Decrease maintenance requests and work orders

    Create maintenance videos that answer frequently asked questions and empower residents to fix commonly dealt-with issues.

  • Reinforce community rules

    Incorporate a human element to reinforce community rules, policies, and guidelines in a fun, creative way with pre-recorded videos.

  • Capture resident referrals

    Quickly and easily record resident testimonials to enhance your referral process and program.

More Than Software

Standardize your video efforts with an enterprise-level solution and training program

  • Receive on-site training and five tailored videos for every property where Realync is implemented.
  • Stop ad hoc video efforts by creating a defined and standardized process.
  • Quickly and efficiently implement your video program with Realync’s client success team driving adoption.
  • Rest assured with 24/7 monitoring of accounts and live chat through the Realync platform.
  • Monitor engagement with quarterly reports and live enterprise calls to review data, metrics, and performance.


Deep Dive Features

  • Live Video Tours
  • Live Video Open Houses
  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Cloud-based Video Library
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Embed Videos
  • Hyperlink Videos
  • Fair Housing Compliance
  • Data & Analytics
  • Corporate Permissions
  • Custom Branding
  • Workflow Integrations
  • Device Agnostic
  • Open API
  • 3rd-Party Integrations