The term virtual tour creator in real estate can mean an enormous number of possibilities. None of them are technically wrong for you, it just depends on what you need from a virtual tour creator. And if you’re going to get the best use out of any of them, you’ll need to figure that out first.

You could learn how to use Zillow 3D tours or Matterport 3D tours, create 360 tours or unit-level video tours. With Realync, you can host live virtual tours, self-guided tours, and unit-level tours. Plus you can leverage Realync Studios to capture 360-degree tours. There are truly innumerable ways to create a tour for multifamily communities. Virtual tour creators can range from pulling out your phone to create a quick video for a prospect to the other end of the spectrum where you spend thousands of dollars for a full-service video crew to come in to create a highly produced, polished video tour – and everything in between. It’s a lot to muddle through.

But, before you even start trying to decide among them, and how best to use them, you should take a step back and figure out a few things first. Because the best way for apartment communities to utilize a virtual tour creator is to find the tour that works for your prospective renters and your goals.

Consider the following questions when deciding how you would utilize a virtual tour creator:

  1. What are you looking to do with a tour creator?
  2. Who are you targeting with a tour creator?
  3. How often would you use a tour creator?

What Are You Looking to Do with a Tour Creator?

The first step in finding the best way to utilize a tour creator is to define your scope. Think about what sort of tour you are interested in creating. What purpose does the tour need to serve or goal does it need to help you meet? Where do you want and need it to live?

Some tour creators, like 360 virtual tour software, create tours that’ll live on your website. And that could be exactly what you want. Or do you want virtual tour software that is a cloud-based resource for prospective renters to look at and engage with? For example, consider if you need top-of-funnel, marketing pieces that will live on your website. This type of tour will generate leads and even leases, but some prospects need other virtual touring options. 3D tours, augmented reality or pre-recorded general overview tours are all great for generating leads.

But if you’re ready for to convert leads now, then consider multiple touring options. Ask yourself: Are you looking at how to create a virtual tour that streamlines the touring part of the lead-to-lease funnel? That’s a different sort of tour – one that needs much more personalization and human-to-human relationship building. Or are you looking at tour creators that can equip your team to provide a DIY virtual leasing experience to move leads through the funnel efficiently. These are all very different tours, very different creators and experiences.

To find and best use a tour creator, you must outline and define YOUR scope. Look at all the questions and understand what you need and find the creator that’s best for you, your team and your property, and your target clientele. Ultimately, look at your website and what it can handle. Analyze what makes sense with the look, feel and vibe of the site, but also what makes sense for your consumer and target audience. Then, decide how to make a virtual tour that fits that criteria.

Who Are You Targeting with a Tour Creator?

Are you a brand new class-A luxury city development in a downtown area? If so, are your target renters going to expect a certain experience throughout the leasing process? Then, your team likely needs something high production, polished and professional. What if your property is student housing or something with a more laid back or familial vibe to it? Then, something too produced is going to send the wrong vibes. In fact, it may very well turn people away who think this pricey tour is a reflection of how expensive the community is going to be. They may think they can’t afford it. In that scenario, a library of pre-recorded videos that introduce the team and the property, guided by the leasing agent to add that human element would be perfect.

How Often Would You Use a Tour Creator?

When deciding which virtual tour creator to use, it’s important to understand the use cases in which you would utilize a virtual tour creator. There are many different ways you can get the full use of a virtual tour creator. After you fully grasp your target audience, create pre-recorded videos that appeal to your prospects. Ask questions, such as, “do you have a dog?” If so, send them an in-depth video of your dog park. Here are a few other ways you could get the full use out of a virtual tour creator:

  • Pre-recorded video of all your amenities
  • Showcase your neighborhood and community
  • Leasing team introductions
  • Host live open houses or self-guided tours

No matter the type of virtual tour needed, there’s a virtual tour creator for it. Just look online and you’ll see a million tour creator examples and virtual tour apps available. That may be a full agency with production and film crew. It may be a third party coming in as the tour creator with a Matterport camera to do the 3D tour of the space. Did you know Realync Studios can come in and record your 360-degree videos? Shameless plug…

Or it may be learning how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone. Then again, perhaps a DIY virtual leasing solution such as Realync can help your leasing teams reach their goals. Realync can help equip the onsite team make the tours on their own, provide a transparent look into the space, and cater those experiences to the prospect.

If that’s the case, it sounds like it may be time to get in touch.

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