Finding the best apartment marketing strategies for today’s market conditions can be rather…tricky. No longer do you just need to consider your prospective resident’s needs, behaviors, goals, desires, search behaviors, and more, but now you add on the constraints and changes in behavior as a result of a global pandemic and it can feel like a never ending maze of unknowns. Some say go left, others go right, and you still feel a little lost. But, figuring out how to market and advertise your apartment community to today’s prospects doesn’t have to be that hard. 

While there are nuances in the content, today’s prospective residents can still predominantly be reached through digital channels. Get as creative as you can with apartment marketing materials or catchy apartment slogans for incentives or promotions. Have fun with it! We all know that everyone can use some fun, laughter, and smiles amidst everything else going on in the world. But, to reach your demographic where they are, your marketing strategies for apartments need to have a digital component.  

Let’s take a look at some new angles on digital apartment marketing strategies that will help you attract the right new residents. 

Social Media 

If you aren’t incorporating social media into your apartment digital marketing, you’re missing a huge opportunity. This isn’t a new strategy, but is so important that it’s worth repeating time and time again. Apartment social media marketing allows you to share all manner of content and truly engage with your audience of prospective and existing residents. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter or even Tik Tok, you can connect with prospective residents where they are. Apartment social media marketing ideas can include community updates, resident and staff profiles, resident events, neighborhood tours, and more. This content gives your online audiences an authentic look into what your community has to offer and nothing is more important today than authenticity. 

Social media marketing for apartment communities should target the type of resident you’re looking for. Looking to gain traction with students? Then use your multifamily social media marketing to promote your study spaces or coffee bar or proximity to campus. Is it families you’re looking for? Focus apartment social media marketing ideas around family-friendly activities or proximity to schools and parks. Are you pet-friendly? Use those pet-friendly apartment slogans throughout your social media channels and showcase the amenities built out for your furry friends.  


Outreach marketing ideas for apartments will likely lead back to one place – your website. So, make sure your apartment website design reflects the vibe of your community! This is an apartment marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked. In today’s market, people often search online first for their new apartment. If the website isn’t up to snuff, they’ll quickly look elsewhere. It’s also where your social media posts, ads, and other digital content should all route back to in order to drive conversion. 

Include website traffic in your assessment of your multifamily marketing analytics. Look at how people are getting to your site. Are they coming from social media posts or other multifamily advertising methods? Have you set up Google Adwords and search engine optimization? Once they are on your site, what are they spending time looking at?  Knowing those answers can help guide your digital apartment community marketing ideas most efficiently. It can also help design the site and, most importantly, the site content. Making sure the content is up-to-date and comprehensive enough to pull in today’s digitally savvy prospects is critical. And top among those content needs? Video. 

Video Content 

At the top of your apartment complex marketing ideas should be video. This is where you can see quite a few fun marketing ideas for apartments come to life. Today’s prospective residents want authenticity and realness. Nothing can meet that need like video. But, it has to be the right kind of video. Does it give a real view of the space? Does it allow for personalization through live video tours? While video content provides a medium for all manner of creativity, it needs to be used appropriately to draw in today’s prospective residents. 

Video can also provide social media post ideas for apartment communities. If you have an event that shows off your space and the vibe of your community, record a quick video and post it on social media. Video marketing is also a perfect marketing idea for apartment pre-leasing and lease-ups. When the space isn’t fully formed, you can use video to help prospects “see” the community for what will be. And that really is a bonus when it’s currently a construction site. 

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Finding the best ways to effectively market apartments to today’s residents boils down to creating effective digital spaces and the right content for those spaces. Namely, that content is video. Whether through apartment social media marketing, your website, or another apartment marketing strategy, video has a place. 

With the Realync platform, you can easily create the right type of video content for the vehicle of choice. Using nothing but your mobile device, you can create video for any number of things. For example, social media posts, apartment open house ideas, create live video tours – the list goes on. Easily store them for later use and engage in all of the metrics and data to review their successes as well. 

No matter the specific digital apartment marketing strategies, make it authentic and real. And that will pull in the right type of resident for you.

Until next time…keep it real!