Apartment marketing ideas for current residents? That doesn’t seem right. If they are already a resident, then they are through the sales funnel. Apartment marketing is for top-of-funnel prospective residents. It certainly isn’t for those who already call your multifamily community home. Of course, we are kidding!

If that’s what you and your leasing team think, you’re not alone. But you’re missing a huge opportunity in your resident lifecycle. What’s the opportunity? You need to continue marketing your property to residents to give them all the reasons why they should renew in the future.

Leasing teams should come from a place of constantly marketing their property. True, the approach will change depending on if your audience is a prospective resident or an existing one, but the effort shouldn’t stop once the lease is signed.

When it comes to apartment marketing ideas to improve resident engagement, video is a game-changer. Here are a few ways to use dynamic video content to keep current residents engaged, happy, and more likely to renew.

Give Residents a Voice

If you’re looking to really enhance your video efforts, give your residents an opportunity to talk up the property. One of the most impactful and fun marketing ideas for apartments involves involving current residents in the marketing efforts.

Through video testimonials, residents have the opportunity to talk about what they love about your community. It’s also an opportunity for teams to learn about what amenities are really resonating with residents. If residents are fitness fanatics, they can talk about the fantastic gym available. Or, if they have kids, they can talk up the park or other family-friendly amenities available. These times of apartment marketing ideas serve not only to give you excellent content for apartment advertising ideas for prospects, but it does something more for current residents. They are reminded of why they love where they live.

Residents could also feel a sense of ownership in the way the community is positioned. Most residents want to help. All you have to do is ask. And, maybe toss in an apartment referral incentive if one of their videos or testimonials gets a lease signed.

Use Video to Connect on a Personal Level

Once residents move in, and you may not work with them each day implementing various apartment leasing strategies, you may feel a disconnect. Some of that is fine! However, using video, you can continue to connect with them on a personal level.

By continuing to engage with residents, even if you aren’t talking each day, they’ll feel connected to the property team and to the community in general. For example, take a video congratulating your resident on a new baby or a new job. Make it fun to watch – and to make! You can have various leasing team members, the maintenance staff, or any of the other property team members do a little video montage.

This is a quick and easy way to let current residents know you’re thinking of them, you want to celebrate their wins and life developments. These may not be the sort of apartment marketing ideas on Pinterest, but trust us, they work. In the end, using video reinforces the human-to-human connection and shows your residents you care about them, they matter to you. That sort of thing goes a long way when it comes to renewal time, recommending your residents’ property, and general happiness.

See how to make a video to engage with residents

Event Marketing with Video

Among the best apartment marketing ideas for current residents is to host community gathering events. One of the best ways to market and follow up with those events? Video.

Use video to promote your resident events in advance. Then, you can also use video to capture the event itself. Capitalize on the FOMO element a bit by sending out that video in a recap communication. Whether it’s a summer party by the pool or a volunteer event or, if you’re pet-friendly, have a local rescue shelter bring some adoptable pets over. No one could resist a cute little animal once they’ve seen it on video. Once people see how much fun the event was, or even just what it was like in general, they will be much more comfortable and excited to come next time.

Apartments marketing ideas using video go beyond just virtual outreach marketing ideas for prospective residents. For current residents, it is bigger than early lease signing videos or apartment move-in specials ideas. Continue to use that human-to-human, authentic method of communication to engage with residents and keep them connected. In the end, it’s all about showing your residents you care, and they made the right choice in calling your property their home.

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