Even before the pandemic, the multifamily marketing world was relying on the strength of video. It is a tried and true marketing tactic and a powerful lead-to-lease tool. Real estate video statistics don’t lie. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come up with compelling real estate video ideas.

To get you started, or just to help you refresh your video content, here are five real estate video ideas for multifamily marketing teams that really work.

  1. Unit specific videos
  2. Precise property tours
  3. Move in videos
  4. Resident testimonials
  5. Neighborhood videos

Go Unit Specific

While a video tour showing a model unit can be great for top-of-the-funnel marketing uses, if you want to truly get someone to sign a lease, you need your video to be unit specific. This is by far one of the best, and most effective, real estate video marketing ideas out there. Prospective residents want to see THEIR exact unit. Not a unit that looks similar to the one they want – they want their unit.

There should be no surprises in the video. Show prospects all the views from the way drawers in the kitchen are laid out to where the outlets are located. We can’t rely solely on in person touring as the only way for a consumer to see their new place. Of course, there’s room to couple the two.. both in person touring and video touring. What does this mean? Well, for example, after having a conversation with a prospect on the phone, maybe you send a few videos of your available apartments over to the prospect. Tailor those videos to the prospect’s preferences. Once you’ve narrowed down the one they would like to see, then you take them on an in person tour.

For a multifamily leasing team, you should look to get ahead with your real estate video marketing. You should go out and proactively build a video library of exact units. It will pay dividends over time. Having unit specific videos is an absolute game-changer in both the property marketing and leasing process.

Precise Property Tours

Property tours may include highly produced, fully artistic, and polished professional videos. These are great for a website homepage with their sweeping views, snippets and highlights of the property. However, they usually don’t go into detail about specific amenities or details of the property. That’s why one of our top real estate video ideas is to do the deep dive!

There are most likely parts of your property, outside the units, that make it truly special. Take the time to create amenity specific pieces for your properties. It can go a long way in showing a prospect what it looks and feels like to live there. Plus, you don’t have to go searching for topics for real estate videos when there are so many around you. And you don’t need a full real estate videography team. Take a leasing agent and visit each amenity or creative space. For an amenity tour, do a detailed walk through, explaining any processes for use, and talking about how residents use it. Do the same for a creative space where residents work, read, or just hang out. Have the agent explain what makes it unique, different, and/or special.

Move In Videos

Now, before you ask how move in videos are a real estate video idea for a multifamily marketing team, let us explain. Yes, we do mean videos where you explain the move in processes and procedures. You should set and manage expectations on that front before someone moves in. What would this be for marketing? Well, the more transparent you are on the front end and the more you explain and pull prospects into the process, the better off you’ll be and the more they will buy into it. When they see how easy move in day is and how much the leasing team and the management team partners to create a smooth and streamlined process, the better. This sort of thing can go a long way for someone getting comfortable with moving to your community.

Resident Testimonials

This is an often highly underutilized idea and also a way to get really creative real estate videos. Get your current residents in front of the camera talking about what makes the property special, what got them there and what makes them stay. What better way to tell prospects that your community is awesome than from residents themselves? If you’re looking for real estate video ideas that are going to have an impact, this is it. Whether it’s a group of residents at an event or a one-on-one video, these testimonials will show a prospect so much about the property. They’ll get a sense of the vibe and personality of the property and its residents, which is exactly what prospects need in order to decide if it’s the right move for them.

Get Out in the Community

The property is only one part of the story your community has to tell a prospective resident. That’s why another great real estate video idea is to get outside those walls. Showcase the surrounding neighborhood with videos. Everything from the coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores… it’s all part of why someone would want to make your community their new home. With today’s virtual environment, many prospective residents may not have the luxury of driving around the neighborhood early on in the leasing process. These types of videos give them that change. You can virtually show the neighborhood and show off the amenities beyond the community itself.

Whether you hire out for real estate video marketing services or DIY, the power of video is evident. Use these ideas as a jumping off point and have fun with it. There’s so much you can do through the power of video from marketing to virtual leasing. Find what works for your team and run with it!

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