With today’s hyper-competitive real estate environment, your apartment video ideas need to really pop. They must be entertaining, informative, but also authentic and convey the actual feel for your space. That authenticity is key to building all-important trust with a prospective resident during the leasing process. 

Combining all of that into one video can seem overwhelming. So, before you start looking into real estate video marketing services, or real estate video costs, take a step back and think critically about what you’re looking to achieve. If your goal is to get a prospect to lease, then you first need to think about who your prospects are and what it is that they’ll really want to see from you. Then, you can start looking into how to make those real estate videos that will have the impact you want. 

To help you get started, here are five unique apartment video ideas that, when used correctly, can really wow prospective residents and help you take them from lead to lease! 

1. Resident Testimonials 

No matter who your prospective resident is, real estate video testimonials from current residents are a win. People want to hear from those who live in the community day in and day out. What is their experience? What do they like? Your current, happy residents are your best marketing tool. And don’t be afraid to help list out some questions for the resident to answer or guide them along the way. Most people get nervous when on camera,  so feel free to check out free real estate scripts to help guide those conversations. However, always encourage and strive for honesty and transparency in these videos. These videos are supposed to begin to create trust with prospective residents and too much coaching or editing negates that. 

2. Team Introductions

Use video as a way to introduce your team! From the front leasing office to the maintenance team, it’s great for prospective residents to start getting to know who they’ll see on a regular basis if they lease in your building. This is also a great time for creative real estate videos or funny real estate videos. Let your teams’ personalities shine through! One funny real estate video idea is using a real estate parody song to introduce team members or something that plays on the latest pop culture trend. As long as these videos fit and community the vibe of your community, real estate video marketing can be as creative as you want and as creative as your teams are willing to be. 

3. Live Video Tours  

One of the best apartment video ideas out there are live video tours. Live apartment video tours allow for each experience to be personalized for the individual prospect. The live interaction means showing them what they want to see in real-time, answering their questions, and building a relationship. Plus, live vide tours add a layer of authenticity that is especially critical in the early phases of the leasing process. Real estate video software like Realync can help ensure these live tours are easy to create and easy to store for future reference as well. Live video tours can also be great when looking to host real estate videos for Facebook. There’s no need for extensive real estate videography skills or classes either — you just need a mobile device with the right video leasing software, a few tips and tricks, and you’re good to go. 

4. More Than Just Unit Tours

Yes, the unit is important. And we highly recommend having video tours of at least every single floor plan that you can send to prospective residents. But, your community is likely much more than just the units. A multifamily community is the entire property, it’s the neighborhood, it’s the community spaces, and on and on. Therefore, a must-have real estate video idea is creating a real estate intro video or community overview video. This video can serve as a home page video on your website or the overview video sent out to early stage prospects, or even be linked to in your email signature. This video is essentially your real estate lifestyle video or real estate promo video that will give prospective residents an overall idea of what living in your community would be like for them. 

5. Authentic Communication

Before you start looking for free real estate video templates or researching ‘how long should a real estate video be’, let’s look at one of our biggest real estate video tips and how you can let that echo through all of your video efforts. Be authentic. It’s the foundation for all of the video ideas above and any video that you do for your apartment community.  Today’s prospective residents want their apartment video experience to be a true representation of what they would be getting and a transparent, easy way to digest information. So, give your prospective residents that! The final video idea that we recommend is ditching the actual video camera and simply picking up your iPhone or iPad. Shoot these videos yourself. Anytime you have something to communicate, say it via video! Want to send directions on how to find the prospect parking? Send a quick video showing them how to get to the parking. Need to send directions on how to apply for the lease? Send a video! Did a prospect just send over 15 questions about your community? Answer them all via video and send that instead of a 3 page email response. Video works when you give your prospects an authentic experience. 

Whether you choose to dabble in real estate comedy or keep things serious, your best real estate video ideas should have one thing in common. They should be authentic and real. And at the end of the day, that realness, transparency, and authenticity is what will really blow your prospective resident’s mind. 

If you have questions on how you can get started using video for your apartment community, shoot us a note at sales@realync.com, we’re here to help! 

Until next time…keep it real!