The sun is shining a little brighter these days, especially because in a few days we get to see some of you in person! That’s right, the TAA ONE Conference & Expo is just around the corner, and we could not be more excited. However, since there is so much offered at the conference, it can be a bit overwhelming to plan the best way to take it all on.

To ease the pressure of navigating through this multifamily extravaganza, consider prioritizing these three highlight opportunities. But hold up! Be sure to register for the conference if you have not already! Okay, let’s jump in…

Speaking Session with Kristi Fickert – Don’t Wait, Reallocate: Balance Your Marketing Budget for Better Results

Thousands of marketing dollars are spent every month to create awareness for apartment communities and drive traffic to apartment websites. Money is dumped into internet listing services, Google Pay-Per-Click, Facebook ads, and maybe even Tik-Tok, but what are you doing with your prospects once you have them?

Interested in exploring the apartment shopper’s journey and customizing your marketing spend with their experience? What about learning how to analyze your marketing efforts and expenses to create a more holistic marketing approach? Want to discover how rebalancing the marketing funnel can increase your leasing numbers across the board? Well, guess what — our very own VP of Enterprise Growth, Kristi Fickert, will be diving into all of these learning objectives and more in her speaking session on Thursday, April 15, 2021 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM CDT!

Join the conversation and learn how to improve your property’s bottom line and develop a more efficient marketing machine that will allow your leasing team to focus on what they do best – turning tours into raving residents.

Win a YETI Cooler at Booth #231

What would the TAA ONE Conference & Expo be without some giveaways? In addition, what would a multifamily conference be without some virtual tour software representation? Real estate virtual tour software is nothing new to you multifamily experts out there. But, there is always more to learn when it comes to digital real estate integrations.

If you are curious to learn more about what virtual tour solutions might work for your property or how you could improve your current virtual tour processes, make sure you swing by booth #231 to talk to some virtual tour gurus from Realync. Regardless, make sure to take a pit stop by the Realync booth to see some friendly faces and enter a drawing to win a YETI Roadie 24 Hard Cooler!

Silent Seminar with Kristi Fickert – How Leasing Teams can Create Low-Cost Yet Powerful Videos that Convert Leases

In a digital-first world, the competition between management companies can be fierce. Prospects and residents alike have an array of tools at their disposal to help vet their rental experience. In particular, video technology has soared over the last year in the real estate industry. Leasing teams adopted video leasing technology to help market their properties and reach prospective residents virtually. And while many leasing teams believed video leasing would be temporary, it’s now become an impactful part of their long-term leasing strategy. Do-it-Yourself video content can be complex, and there are many misconceptions and do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating the perfect video library. So, what are they? Well, settle into your seats, and get ready to lounge!

In this 20-minute silent seminar, Kristi Fickert lays out how leasing teams can create low-cost yet powerful videos that convert leases. And, how to determine which DIY video platform is the most efficient fit for your team and your prospects. Lastly, Kristi will cover how creating quality video without a paid professional videographer can be much easier than it seems. You won’t want to miss this session running from 5:30 PM – 5:50 PM CDT on Thursday, April 15th, 2021!

There you have it! Those are our three highlight opportunities that will leave you walking away from the TAA One Conference and Expo with valuable insights that will help you succeed. If you are lucky, maybe you will be walking out with a YETI cooler as well!

Nevertheless, we are beyond excited to get to see all your shining faces! Once again, if you need to register, do it right now! If you are already registered and want to see the full schedule for the weekend, check it out here.

Until then, keep it real.

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