For luxury apartment residents, events should be intentional and targeted for a positive impact on resident retention.  

Resident appreciation events should have a prime spot on the list of things you can do to increase resident retention. But, it’s important to take into account this particular demographic of resident and create events aligned with their specific interests. 

Some of these ideas may be very seasonal, but many are perfect for the upcoming National Resident Appreciation Week 2020! To help you get started, here are a few of our favorite ideas for luxury apartment resident events. 

Holiday Parties 

The holidays are a great time to show off creative apartment holiday party ideas. For example, January event ideas can center around the New Year holiday and February is a great time for Valentine’s Day resident events. Remember, holiday resident event ideas don’t have to revolve around traditional holidays either. There is an event for every occasion. So, get creative! Summer resident retention ideas can focus on beating the heat or celebrating being outside while April event ideas can be more about welcoming spring time. There’s always a reason to celebrate! 

Neighborhood Partnerships 

When it comes to luxury apartment resident events, another good place to look is in your own neighborhood. If the apartment is higher end, it’s likely the neighborhood caters to that as well. Some fun community event ideas could involve partnering with higher end restaurants or boutiques in the area. It’s likely that your residents are their target audience. Because of that, hosting tasting events, shopping events, or anything in partnership with local luxury businesses can be a win-win for all involved.

Fitness or Health Class 

Luxury residents typically care a lot about their health and fitness. Cater to that by bringing fitness to the community. If your community doesn’t already, consider hosting a fitness class like a boot camp class or yoga. If your residents enjoy it, encourage them to develop a resident-led fitness group as well. For another fitness-focused resident appreciation idea, consider cooking classes or nutrition events as well. 

Art Show

If your residents are used to luxury, why not combine some beauty with potential interior design needs for your luxury apartment resident events? Host an art show! Partner with a local artist or art studio to either bring in their pieces for residents to review and/or purchase, or to host an art class instructing residents on how to paint, draw, or design certain things.  It’s an easy property event idea that has a wide-reaching impact.  

For the Kids 

When thinking of apartment resident game ideas, consider ones that are kid friendly! If your resident demographic has young families, there is no better way to get them involved than by offering something that will make their children happy. This is also a great way to get these families connected. That type of connection will make them less likely to want to move, improving those resident retention statistics. Think bounce castles or carnival games or even board games! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. 

Pet Friendly Activities 

The most successful apartment resident activity ideas focus on what is important to the resident. For many residents, that is their animals. Have an event that is pet-friendly with pet-focused activities and local vendors. Groomers, pet-sitters, vets or gourmet treat creators can show off what they can offer your resident fur babies. 

Charitable Event 

In the world of luxury apartment resident events, finding ways of also giving back to the community is always a win. Find out what causes your residents are involved in or are moved by. Then use those to form resident event ideas for your apartment communities. It can be as simple as a food drive or donation box, or you could host an event where representatives of a non-profit come and talk through their cause. Offer refreshments or enter donors in a giveaway. 

Rotating Supper Club 

Among the best apartment resident retention ideas are social event ideas that bring residents together. These social events create a more friendly atmosphere and foster neighborly bonds. One idea that can foster this is a rotating supper club. It will give residents an opportunity to show off their culinary skills and share a meal with their fellow residents. One key way to make these work? Record them and create highlight videos to promote throughout your community to make other residents want to be a part of it too. 

Movie Screening 

Take advantage of any beautiful community space with this type of luxury apartment resident event. Rent a popcorn maker, have some candy available, and set up some comfy seating for a movie night. This type of apartment event idea can run year round. Keep it indoors and warm for apartment community events for January. Then, take it outside for the warmer months complete with picnic style blankets, food, and drinks! 

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While a full-time apartment event coordinator would be ideal, you can do any of these luxury apartment events fairly easily with the resources you already have. If living in a luxury community, you may even have residents that are experienced in event planning and are willing to volunteer their efforts to make these wonderful event ideas happen. Start filling your event calendar and residents are going to quickly get excited about looking forward to your next party! And that is just the type of feeling you want to keep resident retention rates high.