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Resident Events for Every Occasion

Hosting resident events for every occasion provides opportunities for property managers to build relationships with residents, for residents to build relationships with one another, and for establishing a community culture. When residents and property managers have better relationships, difficult conversations regarding things like late rent payments and noise complaints can be more productive. Apartment communities with healthy relationships among residents are less likely to have conflict and more likely to reduce resident turnover. Apartment communities with a healthy culture are more likely to produce positive resident reviews and referrals, which can be a cost-effective source of leases.

Successful resident event programs start with great ideas. One of the best ways to come up with great resident event ideas for apartment communities is to tap into the creativity of your on-site team. Brainstorming property event ideas together can be a fun group exercise, plus your team will be more bought in and, therefore, more likely to promote the event. In addition, consider asking your residents for unique special event ideas – you’re sure to see strong resident participation if they helped plan the event! If you still need more ideas, the internet is full of them. Don’t be afraid to search for a variety of things, like “ideas for apartment complex activities,” “tenant event ideas,” or even “commercial property management tenant events.”

Holiday Resident Event Ideas

An easy place to start with resident events is to come up with holiday resident event ideas. Generally, holidays make for a great time to run resident events.

This is because most people have lighter social schedules, a factor that could lead to increased attendance. The best multifamily holiday events tap into residents’ “holiday spirit,” taking your attendee experience to the next level. This specifically applies to December resident events, which present you with more decorative options in terms of color and décor trends. Events held in December may also be a great way to encourage stronger bonds since people living in the community can exchange gifts.

Hosting Halloween resident events is a great way to entice both adults and kids to attend the events. There is no shortage on the internet of Halloween party ideas for apartment communities. It’s easy to come up with a theme that will make these events more fun and interactive. People tend to spend more time at home during the cold months, so resident events for winter are a great way to bring people together without needing to brave the weather.

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Community Event Ideas

There is no doubt that community engagement events can play an important role in the health of your apartment complex.

Effective community events ideas apartments can help to build a sense of trust with the surrounding community, present residents with opportunities for quality time with the apartment staff and other residents, and can ultimately help residents feel a stronger connection to the area they call home. Through such events, friendships will also be built and community values fostered. Community event ideas that resonate with residents can also go a long way in helping with resident retention. In the end, you will have a closely-knit community where members live in harmony and care for each other and the adjacent community.

Brainstorming ideas for community events with your residents is a great way to get them engaged and create buy-in amongst your residents if they play a part in planning these events. If you are looking to build a strong community within your apartment complex, start by empowering your residents. Some of the fun community event ideas you can consider exploring include having a food truck extravaganza, hosting a resident carwash run by your team, health-promoting fitness classes, bonfires under the stars, and a kids’ pool party with Disney characters. Other creative event planning ideas may involve spreading the love on Valentine’s Day, fireworks during any outdoor event, or a professional networking event for young professionals. Regardless of the idea you settle on, it is necessary to ensure that it will add value to your community and your residents.

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Resident Appreciation Events

Resident appreciation events are critical in building relationships with your residents, ensuring they feel valued, and making sure you keep your occupancy levels high.

This is why community management teams should make it their priority to make residents feel valued and appreciated. Such an exercise will also help to build trust between the residents and the management team, which could also result in getting more leads. How? Resident referrals! The best resident appreciation ideas for apartments will help to improve resident retention by getting residents to re-sign their leases again and again. Through appreciation programs and stronger relationships, there is bound to be more effective communication, a factor that will further help in creating a happy and healthy community.

Having a designated resident appreciation day 2019 or a resident appreciation week 2019 are some of the best ways to make residents feel valued. Having a resident appreciation week template can help you plan the event to ensure it is a success. Don’t have one? Simply have a one week calendar and outline exactly what each day will bring. Consider bagels or breakfast in the lobby one day, drinks or appetizers by the pool another day. Depending on the size of your building, maybe offer some sort of shirt or mug or other branded item that you can give away to residents on another day. Other commercial tenant appreciation event ideas that can inspire your creativity include saying ‘Thank You’ in a personal note, conducting monthly birthday parties, planning calendar celebrations and giving them gift baskets. You can also welcome new residents with fanfare, deliver a small gift when they renew their lease, offer rent discounts as various incentives, and follow up with residents regarding repairs and other concerns.

Multifamily Food-related Events

Food has always been a community builder, serving to bring people together and helping to develop strong bonds. Over the years, sharing meals and offering strangers food were considered ways of showing love and care, besides providing an opportunity for loved ones to have a great time. Today, food can still be used within multifamily communities to achieve specific objectives. For instance, property managers can rely on food-related events to not only create a sense of belonging among the community but also show appreciation for residents.

Some of the food-related ideas that property management teams can consider include having a breakfast-on-the-go resident event, organizing a resident event wine tasting, or hosting a happy hour resident event. Depending on the members of your community, you can also exercise your creativity by thinking about national night out ideas for apartments. Don’t limit your thoughts to just food-only for your food-focused multifamily events though. You can host great events such as family movie nights, video game tournaments, a talent show, or a kids’ carnival, and have great food options at any of those. Other multifamily food-related events to consider are hosting a party where residents sample different cuisines, having a food truck rally, ice cream socials, and cooking or baking classes.

If you live in a luxury community, your luxury apartment resident events should take into account the lifestyles of the residents. Only by including ideas that the tenants will find enticing will you be able to get them out of their units and encourage them to take part in the events.

Start converting more leads and engaging residents better today. Request a Demo

Seasonal Resident Events

It is clear that planning and hosting a successful resident event requires that you bring out your creative side. This means drawing inspiration from different sources and really anything that you can. If you live in an area that experiences seasonal climates, you can take advantage of the opportunities that different seasons present for events. Seasonal resident events can have fun themes and activities that most residents may not have thought about before.

Whether you are looking for amazing April resident event ideas or January event ideas, you have wonderful options at your disposal to create fun, inspiring events that bring your community together. By switching events up with the various seasons, that will also ensure that you do not host the same event every time or get stagnant with your resident event ideas. Some seasonal resident event ideas that you can give a try depending on the season include creating an arcade party during the winter, hosting a red carpet film event in the Summer, creating a Fall carnival, or doing a campout dinner over a bonfire for great apartment community Fall events. If your residents enjoy planting, bring them outside in the Spring and have them help spruce up the community by planting flowers together. In the Winter, an indoor resident painting party or bingo/game night is always a fun way to bring people together too.

Sports-related Resident Events

Just like food, sports have always brought people together. Whether it is playing together as a team, cheering on a certain team or just enjoying the game, sports-related resident events will help develop and maintain strong bonds within members of your apartment community.

There are numerous resident event games that tenants can engage in to help them take a break from their busy schedules. Some of the best apartment resident game ideas are a game of tug-of-war, relay races, wheelbarrow races, or even paintballing. Another way to make the activities more fun would be to encourage the residents to suggest their favorite public event ideas. In this way, you can ensure that their interests are taken care of.

If venturing off the property to attend a sports event together or go paintballing or hiking or whatever the offsite resident event may be, do consider waivers and liability forms that may need to be a precursor to your event.

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Apartment Resident Retention Ideas

One of the best ways to ensure resident retention is to encourage community engagement through hosting events regularly. When residents get to know their neighbors and build relationships within the apartment community, they want to stay near to those friendships.

Innovative events ideas will make it fun to live in the community for adults and kids alike, a factor that will contribute to their continued stay at the apartments. Apart from coming up with and implementing creative marketing ideas for apartments, you should also always be thinking about ways of enticing and encouraging residents to re-sign their leases. The major factor in someone staying is typically relationships. While things like stage of life, price, work, and other various factors will play into whether a resident will stay or not upon lease renewal, those can sometimes be easily mitigated or at least make the decision to leave much harder if there are great relationships at stake.

Some apartment resident retention ideas you can try out include celebrating resident renewal, keeping your apartment touring real and transparent, ensuring easy move-in, greeting your residents by name, making the lobby/clubhouse a place of comfort and convenience, and connecting with residents through social media. A couple of deeper points on the above. We recommend that you connect with residents on social media using your multifamily community’s social media accounts—not personal ones. And you may be asking why an easy move-in process and transparent touring are key points for resident retention?

Resident retention starts from the very first leasing interaction with a prospective resident. If your tours aren’t real and transparent, and they hide certain things from residents during the leasing process, that will not set that resident up for a great experience in your community upon moving in. They don’t want to move into their unit and immediately notice something that they were not aware of. Keep it real and leave zero room for negative surprises upon move-in. And speaking of moving in—that is a stressful day for residents. Anything that you can do to ensure a smooth move-in process and a phenomenal first day in the community will set you and your team up for happy residents from day one.

Resident Event Management

If you are planning to host multifamily resident events this year, staying organized will play a crucial role in determining the success of the events.

Proper planning and staying organized will involve defining the purpose of the event, drafting a resident event budget and allocating adequate resources for the various activities. Allocating responsibilities to various team members or working with an apartment event coordinator will ensure things run smoothly and that your team is paying attention to the details.

If your event is going to be a larger one, like a festival or food truck rally, the details are where your team will need to live to ensure everything runs smoothly. You will also need to tell your residents about the event early enough so that they can plan appropriately. So coming up with a proper marketing plan for resident events will be a key part of driving awareness within your community and getting RSVPs if needed. Lastly, you should consider setting deadlines within which certain tasks should be completed. A resident event calendar template will help you set a clear timeline and help you and your team manage the whole process.