By now, most professionals in the multifamily real estate industry understand the power of video in their apartment marketing strategy. Video is a must, whether it’s a video on the homepage, on social media, or other apartment marketing materials.

But what’s really a must these days is personalized video content. It will make your marketing videos stand out in the crowded market. Now, we get it. It’s difficult to personalize video at the top-of-funnel marketing phase. Unlike with the leasing phase, you won’t be able to personalize the video tour content to exactly who the prospect is and include things like:

  • Their goals and desires
  • Their timeline
  • Their budget

So you have to work without those things, but leasing teams still need to get creative with their top-of-funnel marketing strategy. To be the most impactful, your apartment marketing efforts must include personalized video content. That means personalize video content based on your target audience and the medium that the content is sent out on or posted on.

Add Videos to the Website

One of the most common video marketing ideas for apartments is to include an overview video on the apartment homepage. And that’s a great idea! However, you can take it a step further and personalize the website video experience for your prospects.

If you have a page that features all your different floor plans, allow prospects to click through and look at each one. Furthermore, use video rather than flat 3D models. Produce video content that walks a prospect through each floor plan that’s available. Don’t use one model unit and assume it will work for everyone because it won’t. A single resident may not have use for a three bedroom apartment. And a couple may need more than just a studio walkthrough. This can be an especially strong marketing idea for luxury apartments with varied or unique floor plans.

The same goes for the amenities. Use video to showcase what you have to offer. Ideally, have a video walkthrough for each of the amenities – pool, gym, lobby. At least have an overview of your amenities that allows each prospect to see exactly what is most relevant to them and their needs.

Social Media Videos

It may seem like an impossible task to personalize social media videos. You likely have follower counts in the hundreds to thousands. How can leasing teams personalize videos to each of them? There are a few things you can do to make it a bit more realistic for a prospect.

For example, leasing teams can personalize videos based on the time of year in their area. If it’s snowy, do something winter related. Likewise, if it’s a nice summer day, take and post a video from the pool area. Think about it. It’d be a little strange to see a summertime video from a local multifamily community on your Instagram feed when you’re lacing up snow boots.

Other great video ideas for marketing your apartments include:

  • Advertising your one month rent-free promotion
  • How to enter in to get free upgraded countertops
  • Promoting virtual or in-person events once it’s safe to do so

Videos on social media provide ample opportunities for leasing teams to get creative with their marketing strategy. When personalizing videos to your community needs and your target residents, leasing teams are able to make more of an impactful.

Consider Demographics

Personalized video content for apartment marketing also means getting outside of the property and into the community. Personalize your video content based on your location and demographics. Post videos showcasing the restaurants, festivals, and other fun community events that go on throughout the year in the area. These are the things prospective residents will want to see – particularly if they are targeting your area for their apartment search.

Apartment marketing may seem too top-of-funnel to truly personalize, but with a little creativity, you can definitely make it work. As you can see, there are tons of ways video content can be used to personalize throughout the apartment marketing phase and process. And if you have the right platform, you can keep using it to personalize video content through the entire lead-to-lease process.

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