Real estate virtual tour software seems like it’s everywhere. 360 virtual tours and 3D virtual tours for real estate have made their mark in multifamily.

This is for a good reason. We are a visual culture. Prospective residents want to see the property in an easy, convenient way. Properties need to attract prospects online with multiple touring options and 360-degree tours are a great way. Communities can put everything they have to offer in front of a prospect to help that person want to call their community home.

To stay competitive in today’s digital-first market, multifamily communities need real estate virtual tour software. However, in order to get a prospect to convert to a signed lease, they need the right real estate virtual tour software—an all-in-one tool. Here’s what we mean.

360 Tours and 3D Tours

These are likely the first type of virtual tour for real estate that a prospect might see. They are often an automatic or click-through virtual tour that gives a general overview of the model unit at a property. When properties create virtual tours like this, it’s meant for mass consumption and top of funnel interest. These types of tours draw prospects in, give them a taste and a sense of the community’s vibe. There are plenty of real estate virtual tour services and companies who create these 3D and 360 virtual tours.

Depending on their real estate virtual tour pricing, these can be a great way to get leads in the door. However, while there is a place and a use for this type of virtual tour, if you want to really see the power of real estate virtual tour software, you will need something more: Real360. With the rise in 360 tours, Realync is reinventing 360-degree videos to make them more real.

Real360 includes 360 video and 360 click-through tours, making Realync multifamily’s complete virtual solution.

To move a prospective resident down the funnel, you’ll need a real estate virtual tour software that allows you to actually personalize the experience for each individual prospect. Pairing video tours with 360-degree videos will do just that.

The Next Step

Here is where having the right real estate virtual tour software will make the difference. There is a place for this type of one-size-fits all 3D tour like those mentioned above, but once your prospect has moved through that top-of-the funnel point, they’ll need more authentic video tours. This is where it’s important to give your prospective residents a more personalized experience, so they may learn more about your community.

You can do this with an actual virtual leasing and virtual tour strategy. You’ll need a virtual tour creator that will give your prospect exactly what they want, the way they want it, and when they want it. And the key to doing that? Empowering your onsite teams to create personalized videos using their virtual leasing solution or going live to host live video tours of the community for prospects. Or lastly, partnering up with Realync Studios to handle video creation where you see fit.

For many prospects, that means a virtual leasing experience that allows them to dive deeper into the community. Realync videos allow prospective residents to view the real, authentic property without all the photoshop or rendered designs real estate virtual tour services often offer. Prospective residents can:

  • Connect with a leasing agent person-to-person.
  • Get their exact questions answered
  • Receive personalized video tours, to see what they want to see. Or, they can have the opposite. Sometimes, prospects want to have a completely self-serve experience.

Allowing these types of options is a critical point of personalization that can decrease lead-to-lease time. That’s why finding the right virtual tour creator for real estate that integrates with a virtual leasing strategy is important.


The purpose of a virtual tour or virtual leasing strategy is converting a prospect to a signed lease, and that’s done by empowering your target audience with the information they want and need. How does real estate virtual tour software empower your leads? It equips them to experience the property in a variety of ways, making them comfortable and confident in what they’ll be getting when they ultimately call that property home.

No matter what virtual tour apps or virtual tour hosting you decide is best for your property, virtual tour software is a necessary part of the marketing and leasing toolbox. The key is not only knowing you need it, but knowing how best to use it. That means finding a software or platform that allows for top of the funnel tactics, but also provides a way to personalize tours and see a lead all the way through the virtual leasing process.

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