Leasing teams all over are trying to figure out how to make a virtual tour for real estate that’s going to work. And they should! 67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours.

As you’re getting started, or if you’re looking to improve your video leasing strategy, take a moment to consider this. What do your prospects REALLY want in their virtual tour? If you know what they want and what will work for them, you’ll know what will take them from top-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel in the most efficient way possible.

The good news is we’ve done some of the market research and leg work for you! Here are a few must-haves from prospects when you’re looking at how to make a virtual tour.

Your Tours Should be Personalized and Catered to the Prospect

If you find yourself asking, “how do you do virtual tours that work,” one of the most important aspects is making sure each tour is personal and catered to that specific prospect. Whether it’s a live tour or a playlist of pre-recorded tours, make sure you focus on what matters most to them.

If a family of four asks for a tour, showing them a one-bedroom unit will not work. Not only should you show a floorplan better suited to their needs, but also talk about local parks and schools or other family-friendly offerings. If it’s a pre-recorded playlist, use the prospect’s name in a voice-over. There are so many ways to create a personalized experience, and it’s a critical component in making a virtual tour for real estate that makes an impact.

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Make the Tours Real and Authentic

In a recent survey we partnered with Satisfacts on, we asked prospective residents if, upon moving in, was their new apartment home was what they expected. Over 91% of respondents said the apartment was good or better than expected following their virtual tour experience. That shows how important it is for virtual tours for real estate to be real and authentic.

Everything the leasing professional promised must be fulfilled during the move-in experience. If you’re looking for tips on doing a virtual showing for real estate that hits on what prospects want, consider these tips.

Show every inch of the apartment, even the not-so-pretty aspects. The closet might not be the biggest, but it’s important to be real and honest.
Ask genuine questions. You should get to know your prospects–after all, they may be moving in!
Show YOUR personality. Prospects want to know the team since it may be their new home!

Prospects don’t want a fabricated, staged environment. Gone are the days of photoshopping the grass to be greener or changing the view from a parking lot to a tree-lined park. And even showing an example of the unit they may move into rather than their exact apartment is gone!

Show Them Their Exact Unit

While showing prospects their exact unit is certainly part of being authentic, this one deserves its focus because it is a high priority. In a virtual tour for real estate, prospects need to see the exact unit they could be living in. It is a top factor in how to do a virtual showing for real estate. This means no more showing a model home or a similar floor plan while explaining the differences.

Over 40% of prospects in our survey claimed their virtual tour answered all their questions and they’d sign a lease without an in-person tour. That can really only happen if the tour is of their exact unit. They could see the floorplan and things such as outlet locations or towel rack locations – things that may be unique to a particular unit.

Once that unit is turned, or your community is brand new, film a video tour of every unit before someone moves in. An important element is capturing videos of those units and floor plans when they are clean and unoccupied. That’s made even easier with an integrated virtual apartment tour app rather than relying on a service. These videos will pay off in the long run when you immediately have a video of the clean, empty unit just waiting for your prospect.

Make the Experience Convenient

Another clear front runner for how to shoot a virtual tour of real estate that works is to make it convenient for the prospect. They want a virtual tour that can be sent to them to view later – and that includes the recording of live tours. Plus, that tour can be opened on any device including Android or iOS, and on any browser. It needs to be completely seamless, with no signing up or having to download something.

Keep the process very simple and straightforward and easy for them to engage and experience. In our survey, we asked prospective residents if the process of the live tour or live session was easy, 94.5% said yes. Let’s keep that percentage high.

And there you have it! If you’re looking for how to make a virtual tour for real estate that gives prospects what they want, these tips will have you signing leases in no time.

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