Today, everyone in multifamily real estate knows they need real estate video tours. Even before it was necessary to provide virtual tours for real estate during COVID-19, the industry was catching on.

So, how can your leasing teams give real estate video tours that stand out among the rest?

There’s no real trick to giving the best virtual tours for real estate. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s showing prospects what they want to see in the most authentic way possible.

The best way to give real estate video tours is to make them personal and give them transparently. Here’s what we mean.

Personalize the Video Tours

One aspect of the best real estate video tours is personalization. No one wants to see a tour of their potential new home that looks like it was made for someone else. That’s why it’s critical to make sure each and every tour is customized and personalized for each prospect. Your video walkthrough should hit on the things most important to the prospect. That’s what is going to pull them through the lead-to-lease funnel. Highly polished and edited real estate videography or 3D virtual tours of real estate have a place; however, they aren’t personalized enough to have someone sign on the dotted line.

Real estate video tours should show each individual prospect what they as an individual want to see. If they are a family of three, don’t show them the floorplan of a one bedroom. If your prospect is an avid runner, make sure you are showing off the gorgeous gym with ample treadmills. Don’t rely only on virtual tour companies that provide 3D or 360 virtual tours. They will likely provide a great, produced video… of one model unit. Unless, of course, real estate virtual tour services are in your budget for all of your units and amenities. Given today’s virtual video tour service pricing, it’s likely not.

Leasing teams should know how to create a virtual tour for real estate for each specific unit and amenity. That way, no matter the prospect, leasing teams have a library of videos they can choose from, personalize with voice over and send to the prospect. That is ultimately going to be the best way to use video for tours in the leasing process.

Be Real and Authentic

The best real estate video tours, or the ones that are actually going to convert, show real and authentic views of the property. Leasing teams can worry less about having expensive real estate videography equipment. Today’s prospects want to know exactly what they are getting – with no surprises. And you should know how to make a virtual tour for real estate that gives that level of transparency. If there is a small kitchen in the apartment, show the small kitchen. But also show the amazing views from the living room and all the extra storage available. Be honest and transparent with your prospect since, after all, it could be their potential home.

Being honest with a prospect upfront is what is likely going to help them trust you as their leasing agent. That human-to-human trust element is paramount to closing a lease. Additionally, it keeps residents happy, and it could potentially keep a resident there long-term.

There are plenty of best practices and tips out there on how to shoot real estate videos or creative real estate videos. But you should start first with transparency and personalization. If you don’t do that, you’ll never really give the best real estate virtual tours.

However, the ability to record personalized videos takes some unique real estate virtual tour software. Software that is DIY, so you can quickly and professionally record when you need to. That also means software that can train you and your leasing teams on how to make a virtual tour with a smartphone or mobile device. Think about it… what is always in your pocket? Your phone! So next time, when you need to shoot a quick video, just wipe out your phone and use a platform that allows you to record videos. And what platform can provide all of that and more? What platform allows you to efficiently create the best real estate video tours around? We think you know the answer.

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