Are you searching for the best virtual tour software on the market? Searching for ways to streamline leasing and provide virtual tours for your apartment community? Maybe struggling to find a difference among the offerings?

Well, before frustrating yourself further, ask yourself one key question. No, not what virtual software is the best. Rather, ask what video tour software will give your prospective residents what they actually want and need in order to lease at your community. What will help you create the experience that will show them what they want to see and will get you from lead to lease faster. 

When considering what the best virtual tour software for your team is, make sure to consider these three things:   

Not Just Virtual – They’re Real

The best virtual tour software isn’t virtual, or at least not ONLY virtual. Traditional real estate virtual tour software doesn’t provide today’s audience of prospective residents with the actual tour experience that they are looking for. Today’s renter wants authentic, real, personalized tours. They want to see their actual unit and what they want to see. They want to have their specific questions answered. They, ultimately, want live virtual tours.  

Now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for a recorded video tour. The homepage of your website, for example, is great for an overview video. Or sending a playlist of pre-recorded video tours to a prospect in advance of them touring is a great way for them to preview your space and come in at a different decision making level. When it comes to actually providing a real tour experience though, you need to have the best virtual tour software or virtual tour creator — one that allows your on-site teams to host live virtual tours and connect with prospects where they are. That is what will get your prospect from lead to lease the fastest. And at some of the real estate virtual tour pricing, those more complex virtual tour options really need to result in a lot of deal flow in order to provide the appropriate return on the investment. 

What’s the next most transparent, powerful, and personalized way to tour a property next to an in person tour? A live virtual tour! 

Features that Feature – Not Hide

When looking at how to make a virtual tour for real estate, you want a solution that is purpose built for apartment communities. Could pulling out your iPhone and hosting a ‘FaceTime Tour’ work? Perhaps, but with many limitations. FaceTime or Zoom will never integrate into Yardi or Entrata, or provide features that are purposefully integrated to help your on-site leasing teams showcase your community in its best light. 

The real key to featuring your apartment community in its best light? Letting the property do the talking. Avoid real estate virtual tour services or virtual tour businesses that offer all manner of over the top editing or post-production services. Not only do those usually come with a heavy price tag, but they’re not needed. Those features can end up hiding the authentic character of your property. Often, 360 virtual tour software or tours created with an expensive virtual tour camera can make it hard to convey that authentic experience your residents are after. 

Instead, find a platform that offers features that help your teams be better at creating the videos or hosting the tours themselves. Video does not need to be complicated to be effective. An apartment virtual touring solution built for leasing professionals will offer basic editing features, captioning, branding, music / audio editing, and should automate the rest. All of that, done well, can help leasing professionals create a tour experience that doesn’t look too overdone and gets the job done. Particularly, if you want to learn how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone that is still high quality, these simple features can all help. The most important thing is to find a video tour software that has the features necessary to produce high-quality video tours but not so much that it hides the realness. 

Human-Driven Software 

Even the very best virtual tour software can’t give you all you need without the human touch. Things like free virtual tour apps or 360 degree virtual tour offerings may have an easy-to-use interface. But, they miss a critical element in the leasing process — you! While many people have talked for years about a future that no longer includes leasing agents, that is not the reality that we live in. In order for your virtual tour offerings to be the most effective they can be, you need to ensure they feature your team. Merge the two together with Real360!

If you’re looking to actually streamline your leasing and touring activities, you need a solution that will actually be effective at increasing conversion rates, decreasing sales cycles, decreasing repeat showings, and more. The best way to do that? Integrate a video leasing solution into your leasing process that keeps your leasing team at the center of your prospect interactions and allows them to do what they do best (sell your property), but do it more efficiently. 

Human-driven doesn’t just mean keeping your leasing teams involved in your virtual tour efforts though. A human-driven virtual touring solution will also come with actual human support. Your on-site teams are not videographers or experts in creating or hosting virtual tours. Partnering with the best video leasing solution will mean finding a true partner. The best virtual touring solution will offer full onboarding and training for your teams, templates and tutorials, scripts and guides, and ongoing support that makes keeping your teams humming a simple effort.

Learn more about working with the best virtual tour software  

Video and virtual tours are not new. When it comes to showing your prospective residents your property in the most efficient, yet transparent way possible, these experiences are now a mandatory part of an efficient leasing process. 

So the best virtual tour software? It isn’t only virtual. It has features that help amplify your property, not hide things. And there are real humans behind it to help.

If all of that sounds familiar it’s likely because you’ve seen all those features and benefits before – on the Realync benefits page. It’s time to stop searching and realize that even at its best, vintage virtual tour software should be left in 2019. It’s time to get your audience in the door with a real look at your property.

Until next time…keep it real!