It will be 2020 before we know it! As you are planning, don’t forget to align your apartment marketing ideas for the next year – and make sure you’re budgeting for them

A solid marketing plan for apartment complexes can pay off tenfold in the coming year, especially during the all important lease-up phase. To help you get started, here are six great apartment marketing ideas for your 2020 plan! 

Use Slogans to Your Advantage 

Often, apartment marketing slogans aren’t used to their biggest advantage. Cute, funny, or unique apartment slogans can stick with that target audience long after they’ve seen or heard them. Use slogans to communicate something unique about your property. For example, find pet-friendly apartment slogans to let them know you welcome their furry friends. And it doesn’t have to be one version! Come up with a variation of your apartment slogans for Fall or Valentine’s Day apartment marketing slogans.  Change it up throughout the year but make sure it keeps the same tone and overall attitude you want to convey about the community. 

Go Seasonal

Speaking of seasonal slogans, you can create entire apartment marketing ideas around the changing seasons. Use each to your advantage. For example, apartment marketing ideas for Fall can include a pumpkin carving contest, a back-to-school event or some sort of cold-weather giveaway. Along the same vein, apartment marketing ideas for Spring can focus on Spring holidays, like Mother’s Day. Or they can be as simple as welcoming warmer weather by promoting your pool or outdoor space. If you’re in lease-up, there are a ton of fun marketing ideas for apartments that you can capitalize on that play on both your growing community and the changing seasons. If you’re looking for just the right idea for your space, take a look at these ideas here

Events Can Be a Community’s Best Friend 

There is nothing like an in person interaction to get all questions asked and answered. Plus, who doesn’t like the snacks that usually come with a fun apartment open house? For 2020 apartment open house ideas or plans for community-friendly events, consider doing something different. Partner with local charities, shops, or restaurants for cross promotion or sponsorships. Make sure they align with your audience though. If you are an upscale building, make sure you have marketing ideas for luxury apartments and partner with brands / restaurants that your target residents will enjoy. For instance, if there is a trendy, affluent hair salon up the street, partner with them for a giveaway or package as that’s where you may find the target audience for luxury apartments. 

Clean Up Your Internet Identity 

Today’s prospective resident will look to the internet first, and occasionally that will be the only place they look to find their next home. So make sure that at the top of your list for apartment complex marketing ideas for 2020 is cleaning up your internet presence. A few things you should look at are your website, your Google listing, and your social media accounts. Are they all portraying correct information? Are they all giving the same vibe you want for your community? Particularly when you’re brainstorming marketing ideas for your apartment lease-up, this one should come early as setting your online brand and ensuring it’s consistent is key. 

Use the Power of Digital Marketing

Once you’ve done your digital clean-up, it’s time to use the internet for your most creative marketing ideas for apartments. Digital is as effective as it comes in terms of outreach marketing ideas for apartments. Here’s where the use of video, particularly live virtual tours, is king. Live virtual tours, as opposed to standard film-crew produced videos, allow prospects to see what they need and want to see. It allows for a level of trust and authenticity to be instilled into the process online that other rich media means like 3D virtual tours or the highly creative promo videos simply can’t do. Plus, with the right virtual tour software, these videos can easily be shared via social media, email or otherwise. 

On Site Clean-Up 

If you are going to all this work to increase traffic to your apartment community, make sure your on-site presence is up to snuff! One of the most overlooked apartment marketing ideas is looking within the community. And this is often one of the most engaging ways to get residents out of their units and chipping in together. Organize a Spring clean or Fall leaf jumping event. Anything that gets residents outside and engaged — but also cleans up your grounds! If you have an aging property, don’t overlook how much changing things like signage or even decor in the clubhouse can do for your overall look and feel.

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2020 truly is right around the corner and will be here before we know. What of the above have you already tried before? Any new ideas that you’re feeling particularly inspired to try out in 2020? Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

Until next time…keep it real!