Multifamily virtual tour software has evolved into something more. It is now more real, authentic and effective than ever before. Is your property rising to meet this evolution? 

Like everything else in our world, technology has gone to work on virtual tours for real estate. What was once a flat, polished, but kind of fake virtual tour for the masses has changed. Today, the best virtual tour software offers live video tours, and experiences that can be personalized for a specific renter. The results? These video tours convert better than anything before!

Let’s take a look at how virtual tour software has evolved over the years, what it offers today, and how that meets the needs of today’s growing prospective renter base. 

The Evolution of Virtual Tour 

It used to be that the question of how to make a virtual tour for real estate came down to a solid virtual tour creator, photoshop, and a skilled editor. You could make any property look spacious and beautiful! I bet we can all think of virtual tour examples where the tour didn’t quite live up to the reality though. Then came the 360 tour creator. A 360 virtual tour shows a full view of the space and garners interest from renters. The best 360 virtual tour software will provide prospective renters a great look into your community. However, some prospects want more real estate virtual tour services or real estate virtual tours creators. That’s where a unit-level video tour can help. Prospects need multiple virtual tours to seal the deal.

Today’s Not-So-Virtual Tour 

Today, real estate virtual tour software has had to change with the times. And what did that change mean? Personalized experiences. Live video. Human interaction. Integrated solutions. And more. Consumers today are demanding authentic experiences that show them what they want to see, when they want to see it, no matter where they are. Today’s video tours offer a live, authentic, unfiltered, and highly-converting touring experience that hits all of those checkboxes for prospective renters. And that experience leads to improved conversion rates and sight-unseen leasing for onsite teams. 

Virtual tour videos and 3D virtual tours do have a place in your marketing efforts—especially when you combine them. A true dynamic duo. You see, people expect 3D virtual tours on apartments websites. But, if that’s all you have, you are missing a big piece of the real estate leasing puzzle. So, if you bought the best virtual tour software of 2019 and beyond, great. But for real estate virtual tour pricing, make sure that you shop around and that you’re looking for options that keep your leasing team front and center — aka live virtual touring options. 

Why do we harp on the necessity of live, personalized video so much? Because that’s what people want – even if they don’t know it exists yet. Look at what today’s consumer audiences have already bought into. You can now buy a car online without leaving your house with Tesla, Vroom, and Carvana. Or, your family can watch a brand-new movie without leaving your living room with AppleTV or any number of streaming services. We can even get groceries delivered directly to our doors. People can get exactly what they want easily and on their own time simply by picking up their smartphone or tablet.

While listing services have provided a big step forward over the years in enabling consumers to search on their own, that search process is typically where technology has halted once the actual leasing process begins. While much of real estate has been behind the curve in terms of touring, here’s where we can all catch up. With the right real estate video platform, real estate tours have evolved to provide that level of personalization and real-time touring connectivity that consumers so demand today. In fact, according to NMHC, 16% of consumers in 2019 no longer desired to visit a property in person before leasing anymore. So how are your teams equipped to connect with, tour, and service that growing audience of renters? 

Meet your consumers needs with the best real estate virtual tour software

With Realync, leasing teams are able to walk a prospect through the property in real-time using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet. Showing a prospect everything they need to see in a real, authentic way is what multifamily touring needs in order to be efficient and effective today. No photoshop. No inauthentic set-ups. Just real, honest property. And that’s what will get you from lead to lease, even sight-unseen. 

So, don’t try to Google how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone using whatever free real estate virtual tour software you can wrangle. Make sure that you are equipping your team with a virtual touring solution that is purpose-built for multifamily touring, will integrate into your systems, and comes with more than just the technology. You need a true partner to make virtual leasing an effective enterprise strategy for your teams. 

Look no further than Realync! If you have questions, please do reach out. We’re here to help!

Until next time…keep it real!