Free Sample: Music for Multifamily Tours

Inside the music sample:

  • 8 unique samples of music you can use in your tours.
  • Several genres that range from hip hop to classical.
  • All tracks represented are included inside Realync.

About the Resource

Think of the best marketing or promotional videos you’ve ever seen. One thing they likely all have in common is a soundtrack that doesn’t distract or take you out of what’s happening on the screen, rather one that adds to the experience. You retain what the video is trying to tell you but you also feel something a little extra.

Adding an impactful soundtrack to a video tour for real estate can be tricky, but ultimately rewarding, endeavor. First, it has to be the right music for the target audience. Second, it must enhance, and not distract. Third, it also has to be cost effective and easy to find or else it’s canceling out its own benefits.

This resource is a sampling of music we offer and recommend using for your multifamily community. Adding music for real estate virtual tours can make a real difference and Realync’s video leasing solution can make it easy to find the best music to make your video tour stand out.

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Imagine watching a video tour of a property with no real sound or music. Sounds, well, pretty boring doesn’t it? Your video tours are meant to convey an attitude, emotion, and feeling for what it could be like to live in a space. Adding music or audio for your real estate video can make the tour more captivating and, in turn, more effective and convincing. And for real estate virtual tours, it can be the difference between engaging your prospective resident from the start or creating something they stop watching a fourth of the way through.

Music has long been proven to have a scientific link to memory. Think about those songs that bring you back to a first dance or a song from childhood. Those are powerful ties music can play on. It can bring to mind positive connotations already existing in the mind of the viewer. But it’s more than just memory. Used correctly, music puts viewers into a more positive mood in addition to tapping into a memory framework. That positive mood can be the difference between a prospective resident moving on to the next apartment community or wanting more information on your space…or even signing a lease.

The right music also helps create a critical emotional connection with the brand. Neuroscience shows that music evokes powerful emotions and those powerful emotions can then influence decision making. In a recent Nielsen study, researchers studied 600 television ads and confirmed that music helps brands emotionally connect with their targets. The commercials with music have 4% more creative power, 5% more empathy power, 3% more emotive power, and 15% more information power than those without music.

While video tours of multifamily communities aren’t exactly the same as the ads you see on television, the data still stands as impactful enough to consider music an important addition. Your real estate virtual tour is meant to convey a message, so consider just how impactful 15% more information power could be for your video simply by including the right background music. Same thing with conveying what it could be like to live in a particular unit or conveying the overall ‘feeling’ of the community. The right music will increase the emotive and empathy power. There’s much more that goes into your music choice than simply getting a catchy tune.

Best Free Real Estate Music

When it comes to finding the best free real estate music, there are certain aspects that can make some better than others.

One of the benefits of video tours is that they can be a cost-effective way to showcase the apartment and the community. So, won’t paying royalties to add music totally eliminate that cost-effective quality? Not necessarily. There is great, yet inexpensive, royalty free music that would be a great addition. You don’t need to use JayZ’s latest track in your multifamily videos for them to be effective.

When it comes to finding the best free real estate music, there are certain aspects that can make some better than others. What makes a track better or worse for video apartment tours? What musical qualities should you look for?

First off, think about the space, the audience and the emotions you want to create. When touring the actual apartment, stick to upbeat or ‘comfortable’ music. The best songs for real estate videos create a happy, almost carefree vibe. Mid-tempo piano and guitar music can be great for that. Equally, avoid music tracks that are too upbeat or ‘thumping’ as they can actually increase heart rates and instill more of a stressful tone and sentiment instead.

Then, when showing more of the community, think of music with a more sweeping tone. For example, the best music for real estate drone video showcasing the community would evoke thoughts of wide open spaces.

What’s most important is to think about who you’re communicating with and what they want. For community amenities like the pool, spa or gym, more of an uptempo vibe would work if the target audience is looking for a social scene. However, perhaps a more zen track would be better if the audience is craving an oasis from their busy, day-to-day lives.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

Royalty Free Music for Real Estate Videos

Spending time and money creating a new video and then finding out the music violates copyright is a costly mistake.

We’ve established how important the right music is to creating a compelling video tour. But, finding that just right music can be tough. You want music that is inexpensive or, ideally, free and legal to use. Spending time and money creating a new video and then finding out the music violates copyright is a costly mistake. At best it means removing the video. At worst it could be court hearings and large fines.

The best way around all of that is to find royalty free music for real estate videos. Let’s start with what that means. Royalty free is the term given to music that someone can purchase a license to once, then use the music track for as long as they wish across multiple videos.

It’s important to note that royalty free doesn’t mean cost free. It just means the license holder doesn’t have to continue to pay royalties beyond the first use. Royalty free music can cost $60 or it can cost $600. It’s not a pricing structure as much as it is a licensing model of not charging royalties each time a song is used. Even with the cost attached, however, the royalty free music model of licensing is inexpensive and affordable for most.

The most important thing to note when using music, royalty free or otherwise, is to make sure you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do in order to use it legally, or you could be opening yourself up to risk. Often if something seems totally free, it’s too good to be true.

Our recommendation? Make sure to include the words “royalty free” when searching for music tracks that work for your multifamily videos. If you know you will be creating a large volume of videos, find a subscription service that gives you access to a large number of tracks for one flat monthly fee. If just creating a video or two, a one time fee may be the better bet. Or, find a video solution like Realync that has already done the legwork for you and includes a library of royalty free music in their video creation tool.

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Free Stock Real Estate Video

Speaking of free, another area that may seem like a good cost-cutting measure but will likely come back to bite you in the end, is free stock real estate videos.

Free stock real estate videos can seem like a very useful tool. Need to beef up your latest marketing video with some community shots but the pool is under construction? No big deal! Just use some free stock real estate video of a pool. No one will know! Or you don’t have the time to creatively shoot your own property so you just use the video from a sister facility. It’s all the same brand so it doesn’t matter, right?

Hardly. Today’s prospective residents value honesty and authenticity. Using someone else’s real estate video, even if it’s free, and passing it off as your property is neither honest nor authentic. You should only use video of your own real estate. While it’s fine to creatively replicate a video shot for shot, it should be of your community. There is a high value placed on being real in today’s market. So, don’t give anyone a reason to think you aren’t.

Real Estate Instrumental Songs

Part of the reason many of us like a particular song so much is because of the way the lyrics speak to us.

However, for real estate video tours, instrumental music, or music without lyrics or singing, can be much more beneficial. Instrumental music can be relaxing or invigorating without lyrics taking up focus. And for video tours, that is extremely important.

Real estate instrumental songs allow the property and the story it is creating on the screen to be the main focus. People won’t get too lost or distracted by a word or phrase in the song that can take them out of the moment – and out of your video. The music can exist in the background, serving its purpose without being distracting. It can keep prospective residents in the moment and focused on their possible life in your community.

When many people think of instrumental music, they may think of it as boring and dull. But, when chosen correctly, it doesn’t have to be. Instrumental music can still create many of the emotions lyric-based music can. In fact, there are usually instrumental versions of some of your favorite songs. Also, Google best instrumental rock songs and you’ll quickly see that instrumental music can definitely hold its own in your video tour. Just don’t forget to add “royalty free” to that search term.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

Epidemic Sound: Real Estate

Keeping track of and hunting down royalty free music just isn’t something most real estate professionals have time for.

But, as you’ve read, it’s definitely worth the time and focus. Luckily there are resources out there like Epidemic Sound, a website that allows people to find audio tracks for video. Epidemic sound for real estate is an easy way to find music for all manner of real estate videos. You can also use epidemic sound song identifier if you’ve heard a tune that would be perfect but you can’t seem to get ahold of it. Using these types of resources keeps you compliant and gives you a ton of great music options for your video.

Another great resource can be found with our very own Realync. If you choose to use Realync for your video tours, we actually include tracks in our platform, so you don’t have to go around searching for them and you don’t have to pay any extra for them! That makes Realync a true one stop shop for live video hosting, pre-recorded videos creation, cloud-based sharing, and a simple way to add great music.