When it comes to apartment living, today’s prospective residents have a million options. If you want your community to stand out, personalization is the way to go in relation to an excellent apartment tour experience. The way to do that is to give prospects the type of tour they want, when they want it, and in the way they want it. For many prospects, that means a virtual video tour. And if you want that video tour experience to be the most effective? You have to make it personal.

There are plenty of ways to give video apartment tours. But, if you want them to be the most impactful, they need to be personalized for each individual prospect. Here’s how you can do just that with ease.

Cater Videos to Who They Are and What They Want

No one wants to feel like a number on a lead sheet. If you want your video apartment tours to really mean something, make them personal. Each video tour you send must be catered and relevant to the prospect. Don’t send a video of a studio apartment tour to a family of four, plus a dog. A small apartment tour isn’t going to cut it for them and worse they won’t feel like you are paying attention to their needs. If your prospect wanted an updated, modern apartment, send a video of your most modern apartment tour. Even something that simple can go a long way.

The same goes for community amenities. If you are sending a video of a college apartment tour, show the quiet study area or the coffee stand in the lobby for late night group work sessions. Similarly, don’t send a dog park video if your prospect is a cat person. All of these are easy, but effective, ways to show your prospective resident that you’re listening to them, that you’re actively trying to meet their needs.

Take It a Step Further

Another way to make an apartment tour even more personalized to a prospect is to simply call them out by name in the video. Answer their questions, calling out that you heard and are answering them. “Hey Chris. I know you were really interested in an updated kitchen. Let me show you all the upgrades we just installed to this unit.” Now, that doesn’t mean filming a separate video for each prospect. Hopefully, you’ve built up enough of a pre-recorded video library that you can pull a video of the gym and add a voiceover to say “Sarah, I know you mentioned wanting to run another half-marathon next spring. We have a great gym with plenty of treadmills just down the hall when you’re ready to start training.” Adding those personal call outs shows you are paying attention and catering the experience to them, like before, but these also call out what you know about them, and what you know they want and need in their new home.

Personalize the Follow-Up

Now, you didn’t just go through the effort of personalizing and curating a perfect pre-recorded playlist to have it just…linger out there, did you? Use video to follow up on your apartment tour.

Hop in front of the camera to add a face to your name and to your message. That relatively simple practice helps the videos become even more personal, building or strengthening the relationship with a human-to-human element. Sending a personal follow up via video and outlining your next steps and what you plan to do can be the difference. After all, there are a lot of apartments out there. Make sure this prospect knows you’re ready to help however you can with a video message.

Whether it’s a luxury apartment tour, studio apartment tours, a minimalist tour or anything in between, there are lots of ways to make your pre-recorded video tours personalized. However, at the end of the day, you’ll need a virtual leasing solution that allows you to create this DIY content on your own. You’ll want a platform that allows you to cater apartment tours to prospects on your own without a huge effort, as well as be able to access and role out those tours effectively. The good news? That’s exactly what Realync was designed to do.

How to let your property personality shine through via video

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