Real estate video tours are seeing increased use and popularity with multifamily communities. Whether leasing teams are doing it themselves or relying on marketing agencies, inevitably the question arises. Are video tours ultimately worth it?

Our answer? A resounding yes!

Throughout the entire resident life cycle, real estate video tours prove their worth and then some. Here’s how.

Stand Out in A Crowd

It’s no secret that today’s multi-family real estate market is crowded. To stand out, a community has to be creative. For multifamily marketing, show your creativity through video tours, 3d virtual tours for real estate, and 360 virtual tours for a real estate property. Including virtual tour videos in marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, or dynamic website content, draw in prospects. Prospects are able to view the property (and what it is really like!) and determine if they want to learn more.

Whether you work with real estate video marketing services or do it yourself, video has the same effect. Video brings in leads. It is effective, top-of-the-funnel marketing with the ultimate goal to engage with the prospect and convert them to a signed lease. And the possibilities of different real estate videos are endless.

Virtual Leasing

Once a prospect initially engages with your property, it’s time to make a real connection. The key to success at the leasing phase? Personalization. Real estate video tours not only show the prospect exactly what they need to see, it also simultaneously allows for human connection.

While general videos work well to initially get prospects interested, personalized videos and tours take your leasing process to the next level. Carefully curated playlists of pre-recorded videos showcase exact units, amenities, and neighborhood overviews. Most importantly, all of these videos and playlists are personalized to the prospect’s exact wants and are able to be viewed at the prospect’s convenience. Alternatively, hosting live video tours further builds a relationship with a prospect. Live video tours enable live, to-way communication which drives home the human connection. The leasing agent guides the prospect through the virtual leasing process. With live and pre-recorded tours, an agent can show prospects exactly what they want to see and build the necessary trust and transparency to receive a signature on the dotted line.

Resident Engagement

Once a resident signs a lease, the usefulness of real estate video is over, correct?


Not even close.

Using video for resident engagement continually proves to be invaluable. Sending a welcome video makes a resident feel at home before they even arrive. Include information on moving in processes, procedures and even a quick property virtual tour showing where the service elevator or moving carts are located. Personalize the video for the specific resident needs. Do a unit walk through for how to use or program appliances. There are plenty who can relate to a confusing thermostat or a beeping smoke detector. Show them how to book amenities or where they can take their dog out. Creating engaging videos are quick, easy, and do not require a degree in video production. Continuing to include video content to engage with residents will pay pay off in spades.

Learn more about making real estate video tours that will drive engagement

Resident Communications

Similar to the above, continuing to use video post move in can help keep resident engagement, and thus, retention, high. Consider how to make real estate videos that can increase the impact and effectiveness of resident communication. If there is going to be construction around the property, an amenity update or any changes to processes or procedures, use video to share the information. And, if email is the normal communication vehicle, consider adding these quick videos to the email to increase the likelihood residents will actually hear what you need to tell them. Video increases open rates by 19% and click rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%. As a result, the more leasing teams do to ensure the communication is received, the less likely there will be unhappy surprises. An added benefit? Video continues to humanize your team and messages, adding empathy or enthusiasm when appropriate.

So, are real estate video tours worth it? It’s pretty clear they are – and beyond the front end of the resident lifecycle. With the right real estate virtual tour software, you can create videos that will take your resident from interest to long-term resident. With the right technology, you don’t need to know all there is about real estate videography to have an impact. But, if you’re looking to learn a little, here are some tips.

If you’re ready to learn just how valuable real estate video can be, let us know! Realync is the industry leader and our team is here to help.

Until next time, keep it real.