We all know that video is one of the most widely used means of communication for both work and personal life. Take 5 seconds to browse social media and it’s a fair guess that 90% of the content you come across will be video. And the majority of those videos will have likely been shot on an iPhone or mobile device. Do-it-yourself video works, plain and simple. And it’s not just effective on social media — it’s effective for conveying a message and showcasing your beautiful multifamily community as well.

When recording apartment video tours, getting started can be the hardest part. Where should you start? What should you include – or leave out? How can you make the most out of a smaller space?  All good questions – and we at Realync are here to help! 

Regardless of your community, there are certain things all apartment video tours should include. Here are five elements you shouldn’t forget. 

1. Outside of the Unit 

While the apartment itself it may take center stage, it’s critical to show the community in its entirety in an apartment video tour. That means outside of the unit itself! Show the entrance to the community, the amenities, any outdoor areas, and even the outside of building(s) – anything that shows what the resident will be getting into. Don’t be shy about including footage of any surrounding highlights from the neighborhood itself as well. Is there a nice walking or bike trail nearby? Are there great restaurants within walking distance? Showcase all that your residents could enjoy by living at your community. The apartment tour video can, and should, go beyond the walls of the unit itself. 

2. Inside of the Unit 

When it comes to an apartment tour, the apartment itself is certainly the meat and potatoes of your apartment video. So, breezing through without giving the appropriate attention to the different parts of the space won’t do you, or your prospects, any favors. For the bedroom, stand in the corner of the room and slowly but fully pan from left to right. Stop and point out any highlights like great natural light, large walk-in closets, built-in storage, etc. While you may have shown this unit a thousand times, it is likely the first time your prospect is viewing it. So don’t skimp. Dive deep! Avoid unnecessary walking or panning. Focus in while you’re recording the space. Have a plan for how you are going to shoot it and break it up into individual clips of video that you can stitch together versus one long clip. And pan slowly. You may think you’re panning slow enough, but go even slower. Trust us…it’ll make your video look so much better and will showcase your space in its best light.  

3. The Balcony, Patio, or View

If the apartment has a balcony or patio, make sure to include it in the apartment video! Take the time to walk out through the patio door then stand in the corner of the patio or balcony and give a nice big pan of that outdoor space that your unit has to offer. Don’t forget the view though! Be sure to pan out to capture view and space off the unit. Don’t have a balcony or patio? No worries. Still take the time to showcase the view out of the windows in the main living area or bedroom. Don’t have a great view? Even if your balcony is staring right at a highway or parking lot, show it! If that prospect were physically touring the space in person, they would see (and hear) that anyways. So why try to hide it on video? If you have a prospect sign a lease based off your video only to move in and see the highway off their balcony, they will not be a happy resident from day 1. Let transparency win and show your space in all its glory. 

4. Amenities 

Do you have a pool? Is there a great fitness facility? Is there a courtyard that you’ve put considerable effort into making a nice oasis? These are all key elements that today’s resident is considering as part of their apartment search process. We’re in somewhat of an amenities arms race and are seeing unbelievable amenities introduced at new communities around the world. Whether you have the latest and greatest or simply have a bench and a few grills outside, they’re amenities and they’re worth showcasing! Your community may need the highest tech and fanciest amenities to compete in your market, whereas another community may just need some mature trees, green space, and a bench to make their residents happy. No matter what you have at your community, make sure that you’re recording it and including it in your apartment video tours. Shooting quick 30 second highlights of your various amenities also make for great social media content whereas one long community overview video is a great thing to hyperlink to in your email signature. Just a few ideas to noodle on! 

5. The Entry 

It’s funny to save the first thing that you’ll likely record on your apartment video tour as the last thing that we’re talking about. One thing that many leasing professionals may forget when recording their video tours is to actually start at the front door and record the entry. It’s so important that we wanted to mention this last so that if nothing else from this article sticks, this will! While it may not seem THAT important, part of any good apartment tour is the experience of walking the prospective resident into their potential future home. That entry into the unit, typically accompanied by someone saying “welcome home” is an integral part of the overall feel for the tour experience. So when creating your apartment tour, start your first shot outside the unit to capture the front door and unit number, then slowly walk into the unit. That will help to capture the initial moments of walking from the hall or outside into the apartment. That experience is one that your prospect will hopefully be doing many times a day if they sign the lease! 

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And that’s a wrap! These ideas and tips are by no means all that you can or should include in your apartment video tours. At the end of the day, you should be recording what you know your prospective residents are wanting to see. Video leasing is a new(er) concept for multifamily leasing professionals, but is proving invaluable when it comes to streamlining leasing and touring, and getting deals done with with prospects. It’s worth investigating and figuring out how it can work for your team. And by using the above tips as your foundation for recording, you will be off and running with fresh apartment video tours in no time. 

If you have questions about video leasing and apartment video tours, or would like to learn more about how Realync’s video leasing solution can be the one stop shop for all of your apartment video needs, contact sales@realync.com — we’re here to help! 

Until next time…keep it real!