Multifamily real estate communities are increasingly opening up to in-person experiences once again. The idea of physically seeing prospects and walking them through the leasing process in person is exciting to so many of us in the industry! But, unfortunately, it also may have leasing teams thinking that maybe it’s time to shed that apartment video leasing software you invested in during the pandemic. Well, you may want to hit pause on that thought.

Even as multifamily leasing teams are excited about returning to in person touring and leasing experiences, that doesn’t mean video leasing should be left behind—quite the contrary. Apartment video leasing is a huge part of the leasing process now and forever.

With that in mind, multifamily teams need apartment video leasing software now just as much as ever, and here’s why.

Prospects Want a Hybrid Leasing Approach

While more markets are reopening and the return to more physical, in person leasing has leasing teams celebrating, your prospects may not be in quite the same situation. Prospects’ preferences have changed.

Prospects may not be comfortable or feel completely safe returning to full in-person leasing just yet. Or they may have decided they prefer going through the process to rent an apartment entirely virtually. Maybe your prospects want to test the waters with a virtual video tour but then see the property in person. So, what does a leasing agent do in that situation?

They must be prepared to offer a 100% virtual leasing experience, a 100% in-person leasing experience, or any combination of the two. Leasing teams need to be prepared to provide leasing options that tailor to prospective residents’ preferences. One of the first lessons in leasing agent 101 is giving your prospective resident the touring experience they want when they want it, and how they want it.

The best and most ideal leasing experience is an agent telling a prospect that there are various touring experiences available for that prospect, depending on what they want. To do that, you’ll need apartment video leasing capabilities.

Learn more about touring preferences from prospects themselves

In-Person and Video Leasing Work Side-By-Side

Apartment video leasing software complements an in person touring experience in many ways. Knowing how to rent an apartment using both touring methods will make you a more successful and efficient leasing agent long-term. Knowing how to blend the two appropriately can make you a lead-to-lease powerhouse in any situation.

Using apartment video leasing can help qualify your lead before they ever come in person to the property. Use virtual tour software to create and send a playlist of videos you know will resonate with your prospects a week or so before a visit. If you know this is their first apartment, send them a playlist covering their “renting your first apartment” checklist. This approach to leasing allows your prospect to preview the community in a personalized way before they come to tour in person. Even this simple step brings that person to the property at a different decision level than they would have to go in cold.

You can also use video leasing to share aspects of the community during an in-person visit. For example, what if an unforeseen situation means the gym or the pool area is under repair when they come in person. Pull up a video from your library to show them what it normally looks like. Finally, you can also use apartment video leasing software to add a personalized touch to any follow-up conversations. Send a video explaining their next steps or answer any questions your prospect may have had. Seeing you again will continue building that all-important trust factor.

Personalized Tours Always Win

In the end, the goal is to create a personalized touring and leasing experience that will work for that specific prospect. Consider these questions prospects may have:

  • Do they want a live virtual tour?
  • Do they want a playlist of pre-recorded videos?
  • Do they want a totally in-person experience? Or both in person and virtual tours?
  • What are prospects most comfortable with or what do they just prefer?

Offering that personalized experience right off the bat will not only make it a more efficient leasing experience and process, but it will also make it stand out to the prospect.

Don’t just revert to the old ways of making a prospect come in person to tour the property. Instead, use apartment video leasing and in person leasing together and create a unique experience for that prospect. To get started with video, consider apartment leasing training videos.

Leasing agents need to be flexible—shift your leasing practices to include virtual leasing in the mix of the physical leasing aspects. That’s the winning recipe moving forward.

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