Planning successful apartment resident events can be tricky and that’s even more true for luxury apartment resident events. However, they are a great way to build resident retention by fostering engagement and building relationships within the community.

For resident events to be successful, they need to target the specific interests of your unique resident community – which I’m sure you know! You should take into account the particular demographic of your resident community and create events aligned with their specific interests. That’s why luxury apartment resident events can be so important for boosting retention.

With National Resident Appreciation Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get planning. To help spark some ideas, here are a few of our favorite ideas for luxury apartment resident events.

An Exclusive Food or Beverage Experience

One activity we’ve seen be very successful for luxury apartment resident events is hosting an exclusive food or beverage experience. Have a local chef come teach a cooking class or a sommelier offer a wine tasting experience. This resident demographic may welcome the opportunity to experience something upscale, fun, and unique in their own community. Plus, they’ll meet other residents and connect over their favorite dish or Cabernet. Who knows, maybe the cooking class will lead to a progressive dinner among a few of the attendees.

A Charitable Event

One great way to attract luxury apartment residents to an event is to combine it with ways to give back to the community. Since this group of residents might not have a lot of free time helping residents find ways to give back is going to be a win and a time-saver on their end for planning purposes. They’ll likely make time and be excited about the opportunity. It can be a simple collection of food, clothing, or other necessities where the residents come together to pack up the supplies for easy donation.

You could find out if any of your residents serve on any nonprofit boards or are otherwise involved with a particular cause. Then, host an event where they or a representative from the organization comes to talk through their cause. This would be a great way to not only support something good in the community but your resident’s passion project.
Art Show

If your residents are used to luxury, why not combine some beauty with potential interior design needs for your luxury apartment resident events? Host an art show! Partner with a local artist or art studio to either bring in their pieces for residents to review and/or purchase, or to host an art class instructing residents on how to paint, draw, or design certain things. It’s an easy property event idea that has a wide-reaching impact.

Health or Wellness Focused Event

For many of us, finding time to prioritize our health and wellbeing is difficult. That’s no different for luxury apartment residents. Events that focus on those necessary aspects may be one this demographic welcomes. You could have an expert share tips for controlling stress or getting better sleep. For physical health, consider bringing in a local trainer and host a Bootcamp class or have a yogi lead a calm stretching session. During the colder months, it’s also a great time to show off a state-of-the-art fitness facility. Host some winter resident events there that can bring on some heat. Residents can bond over their favorite activity…and any sore muscles it may cause.


Another way to help ensure your luxury apartment residents are getting out of their units and building a community is to include the entire family. If your resident demographic has children or pets, they may already feel like they spend too much time away from them. This is an opportunity to get the entire family involved and subsequently connect those families. This type of connection will make them less likely to want to move, improving those resident retention statistics. Think of fun family-friendly resident contest ideas like carnival games or even board game night! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated to be fun.

All of these luxury apartment resident event ideas can accomplish the goal of boosting retention by building relationships and community among the residents. And, if safety is a concern in your area, many of these events can convert to a virtual resident event as well.

While we don’t all have a full-time event staff, or even one person, all of these events can be done fairly easily with the resources you have already. And, don’t forget to send out invitations to these events, using video of course! Now, you know we couldn’t pass up a mention of video engagement. Residents will start to get excited to see or meet their neighbors and look forward to the next event!

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