Doing business in today’s environment requires the ability to be mobile.  For multifamily leasing teams,  an apartment leasing app enables this mobility.

There are 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide. And it’s not just phones. There are 1.35 billion tablet users. The population is mobile, and itsusers are app focused. So app focused, in fact, that 90% of users spend their time on apps as opposed to web-browsers.

Apartment leasing apps are a must have for today’s multifamily leasing teams. The reason why? It’s all about connection. Here’s what we mean.

Connection to Listing Platforms

Apartment Guide, Apartmentlist, Zillow apartments, the Hotpads app, or the Zumper app are among the top apartment rental sites. These internet listing services (ILS) are great places where your apartments should be listed. And they are becoming more and more integrated with virtual leasing apps and platforms like Realync. This integration allows prospective residents to decide immediately if they want a video tour, a live tour, or other form of contact with the property. Previously, the call-to-action (CTA) on these sites was to ask prospects to submit their information and then wait until the leasing team followed-up.  Today, there’s no longer any wait. The CTA on these ILS is more strategic and streamlined, driving conversion and action into the leasing process.  And this takes us straight into our next reason you need an apartment leasing app.

Connection to Prospective Residents 

Today’s prospective residents are looking for leasing teams to connect with them immediately, on-the-spot, and in the way the prospect wants to be engaged. That could be a pre-recorded tour, live video tour, or still scheduling an in-person meeting. Using an apartment leasing app, particularly a video leasing app, allows the leasing team to make this happen. As we determined, our world functions on the go. The best apartment rental apps or virtual leasing apps extend property management software outside of just the property confines. Leasing teams no longer have to wait until they’re at the office desktop to follow-up.From smartphones to tablets…even smart watches…all allow access to their necessary tools whether on site or on the road. Plus, using an apartment leasing app, leasing teams can move between devices having the same functionality at their fingertips. This makes them more nimble and responsive to prospects and current residents.

The best virtual leasing apps? An app that allows you to easily shoot a video for a prospect, check on the status of another prospect and send a quick welcome video to someone who just signed a lease. And how? Done quickly from a phone while waiting for an in-person tour to arrive.

Connection to the Way You Do Business 

Leasing teams today need to move fast – providing prospective residents what they need, when they need it, in the way they want to receive it. And that means not always being in front of a computer, but still being accessible and having access to necessary systems. Using apartment leasing apps gives you and your teams that capability and flexibility. It also allows for a level of multitasking necessary for modern multifamily leasing agents. You have a lot to do. Being able to quickly provide prospective residents what they need no matter where they are on the leasing funnel, while doing the numerous other tasks on your list, all with some simple swipes is priceless.

Ultimately, these apartment leasing apps mean giving leasing teams the necessary tools to move from lead to signed lease effectively and efficiently. By integrating with existing property management tools, virtual leasing apps provide a consolidated place for leasing activities all within a mobile device. Bottom line? Apartment leasing apps help leasing teams get the job done.