Did you know there are built-for-multifamily virtual tour platforms? There are no shortages of virtual tour creators for real estate in today’s market. Virtual tour creators rose to meet the industry’s demands–to know how to create a virtual tour and to accommodate prospective renters who demanded it.

However, when we’re talking about what a virtual tour creator can do, it’s important to acknowledge that not all virtual tour creators and virtual tour apps are created equal. Unfortunately, that means the value of what they provide to you and your leasing teams isn’t either.

A virtual tour creator custom-built for multifamily real estate means teams can create compelling, engaging, and quality video content that will ultimately increase lead-to-lease conversion rates, which can improve by 3x!

Using a built-for-multifamily virtual touring platform allows leasing teams to communicate effectively and efficiently. Now that we know what a built-for-multifamily virtual tour creator can do, let’s talk about how virtual tours bring results right to your door.

Live Tours

There is value in adding live virtual tour options for your prospects, see how the Remy hosted a virtual open house, which resulted in 9 leases! That’s why finding a virtual tour creator that allows for live tours and live virtual open houses is important. But, when considering what a virtual tour creator can do for live tours, finding one built for multifamily is where you’ll get the biggest impact.

A live virtual tour creator that isn’t built for multifamily communities, such as Facebook or Instagram Live, still allows you to create virtual tours. But that’s about it. They cannot fully integrate into your leasing team’s existing multifamily processes and systems like communication tools or a lead management system. Any of the tools your teams use regularly won’t connect with or “talk” to your virtual tour creator if you go that route.

A true built-for-multifamily virtual tour creator means providing a live tour where you can also drop in important key leasing documents for the prospect to review. It means integrated maps that allow leasing agents to drop pins in the property or on key locations around the property in real-time. Leasing agents can even preload pins on the map showing nearby parks, schools, restaurants, or the prospect’s place of work – whatever is most important to the prospect. You can even engage and control the map in real-time to show walking and driving times/distances for the tour attendees.

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Using a virtual tour creator that isn’t tailored for multifamily properties also risks not staying compliant with Fair Housing or adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The best virtual tour software or virtual tour creator for multifamily real estate is going to have those built-in to their systems, so teams aren’t at risk (see how Realync is compatible with both WCAG and Fair Housing!).

Pre-Recorded Tours

Pre-recorded tours usually mean using a virtual tour creator to create 360 or 3d virtual house tours. Both 360 tour creators and 3d virtual tour services have their place as a marketing tool, and it’s why we added a 360-degree feature to our Realync Studios package. But if you’re looking for a pre-recorded, virtual tour experience you should consider a DIY video app.

That means finding a virtual tour creator that allows leasing agents to quickly and efficiently create personalized pre-recorded virtual tour experiences. The easiest way for leasing teams to do that is finding a built-for-multifamily virtual tour platform that shows teams how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone, Android, or other mobile devices. It should also come with built-in editing tools and functionality so that leasing agents are tasked with downloading and investing in other apps.

Much of the built-for-multifamily virtual tour creator benefits mentioned in the live tours are also true with pre-recorded video tour experiences. They have built-in Fair housing and WCAG compliance. They include cross-device and cross-browser functionality. Leasing agents can include key documents or maps. They will also have access to critical data and performance analytics to continue to personalize interactions further.

Facebook, Zoom, and other video touring platforms that aren’t specific to multifamily do not have all the functions we discussed earlier.

The ultimate goal of any virtual tour creator is to establish a connection with the prospect, showcase the space and tell a story, and show people what they want and need to see in the process. Leasing agents can build relationships, trust and transparency, and credibility in the process. That will drive leads into signed leases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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