Carmel, IN (April 14, 2021) — Realync, the multifamily industry’s leading virtual leasing and engagement platform, announced today its platform now meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the most up-to-date recommendations for making web content more accessible to those with disabilities.

Realync helps thousands of apartment communities market, lease, and engage with prospects and existing residents through its industry leading video technology. Realync clients now have the ability to leverage closed captioning and generate a full transcript of all spoken dialogue throughout each video experience in line with WCAG best practices.

Improving accessibility within the Realync platform empowers leasing teams to provide the best video and leasing experience for their prospective residents without the need for any additional platforms or technologies to comply.

Realync’s conformance to the latest web accessibility guidelines comes at a time as the real estate industry finds itself in the web accessibility hotspot. As consumers continue to demand virtual leasing experiences, this exposure increases the chances of an inaccessible website or touring experience.

Providing virtual leasing services to people with disabilities is just as important as it is with accommodating physical services at a property. Identifying this gap in multifamily virtual leasing for those with disabilities, Realync made accessibility a top priority and launched these upgraded features as standard functionality for all Realync clients.

“We are beyond thrilled to provide video experiences that are accessible to everyone, so we can further engage and accommodate our clients’ current and prospective residents,” said Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO of Realync. “As a multifamily built platform, it’s a top priority for Realync to continue building a platform to accommodate anyone who wishes to access, browse and interact with our clients’ communities online.”

As the industry leader in standardized Fair Housing compliance for virtual leasing and multifamily video, Realync is bringing the same focus to WCAG in multifamily.

“This product release reinforces Realync’s dedication to making video experiences more accessible to everyone,” said Ani Rangarajan, Co-founder and COO of Realync. “Our platform has been, and continues to be, built for the needs of the multifamily ecosystem. To further accommodate our clients’ current and prospective residents, we’re happy to announce that we now offer closed captioning and full transcripts of spoken dialogue within Realync videos!”

Along with accessible content, the Realync platform has grown to enable corporate and manager controls over their teams’ virtual leasing efforts. These controls range from data and reporting, to secret shopping of tour experiences, to custom branding controls, video download controls, Fair Housing compliance, and more.

About Realync

Realync is multifamily’s leading virtual leasing and resident engagement platform enabling live video tours, live virtual open houses and DIY pre-recorded videos of properties. Preserving the power of a personal experience and live dialogue, Realync’s platform simplifies and enhances the real estate touring process by providing a more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way of showing and touring properties. To learn more, please visit us at