Ordering groceries, scheduling family activities, virtual clothing try-on sessions, even therapy sessions, can all be done via apps on our phones now. Why would apartment leasing be any different? Today’s leasing teams are quickly discovering that apartment leasing apps can be a huge benefit to their leasing strategy.

But what sort of benefits do these apps bring? What should leasing teams expect and how can they make the most of their apartment leasing app?

A built-for multifamily apartment leasing app allows teams to work more effectively and efficiently to reach leasing goals quicker. But, it’s also important to note that the choice in vendor your teams pick should have a support team and training team (Did you know Realync’s support team has on-site experience?)

Video Increases Team Effectiveness

The best apartment rental sites or best apartment search sites will show prospects images and other information about your properties. Sure, those sites can help a prospect on their search. They’ll give what the prospect needs to know in terms of availability, location, and general leasing costs. What they cannot do is create authentic and interactive virtual experiences that will not only qualify a lead upfront but help guide them through the funnel.

That’s where an apartment virtual leasing app can be a game-changer. From the start, prospects need authentic videos of your community that give them a good idea of what it would be like if they lived there. Creating and posting those to your website will help a more qualified lead come through the sales funnel. Meaning, as they come into the top of the funnel, your leads are more informed and more qualified than they would be just seeing a highly produced and edited video.

Learn more about how to create authentic videos for your prospects

So, now you have a highly qualified lead coming to you looking for an apartment to rent. At this point, you and your leasing team should be laser-focused on maximizing each stage of the funnel with transparent communication with each prospective resident. That takes us to our next benefit – efficiency.

Video Increases Team Efficiency

The right apartment leasing app allows leasing teams to be equipped to lease more efficiently. Specifically, they are able to decrease the number of touchpoints and tours between the leasing agent and the prospect. That decreases the overall time spent moving each prospect through the funnel and, subsequently, the overall amount of work needed to move the prospect to a signed lease.

That happens, and this is an important benefit of a good multifamily apartment leasing app, while you may be spending less time and resources with a prospect, you are still delivering high-level value.

Even the best apartment rental websites can’t provide the high-impact, high-efficiency touches an apartment leasing app can provide. With a quick swipe or click, leasing agents can shoot a video, personalize it to the individual resident and send it off for the prospect to easily view. That creates a smooth, efficient process. This brings us to our next benefit – quicker.

Video Moves Prospects through the Sales Funnel Quicker

While the efficiency factor and the quickness factor of an apartment leasing app may seem similar, there are a few key differences in what we’re talking about. What we mean by lease more quickly is that your team can actually close deals quicker and decrease the length of the overall sales cycle. The quicker teams can get prospects into units, the better.

That quickness falls squarely on the overall impact these apps have on the leasing process. An impact that goes beyond the hosting and creating of live tours or pre-recorded tours. It factors in information. Data, metrics, reporting, insights, and automated communications. That’s one of the most important key benefits to having an apartment leasing app that’s built for the multifamily industry. It will offer complete integration with lead management systems, websites, chatbots, and other communication tools – all of a property’s processes and existing systems. That integration makes the app work cohesively in lockstep with the rest of your team’s leasing activities. Making data-backed decisions quickly is one of the most important factors to help leasing teams streamline their virtual leasing strategy and be as effective as possible.

Apartment leasing apps make the leasing process more effective, efficient, and quicker – particularly if the apartment leasing app is built for multifamily properties. That means having the integration, data, and insights necessary to ensure a smooth virtual leasing process. When all of those benefits come into play, you’ll bring your prospect from Googling “apartments near me” all the way to a signed lease in no time.

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