Close More Site-Unseen Leases

Accelerate Leasing

Speed up lease-up

by providing construction updates and showcase your space without having to do hard hat tours.

Pre-lease occupied units

by ‘showing’ them without having to physically tour the space by sending pre-recorded videos.

Convert a higher percentage of your leads into leases

when you receive notifications when prospects are viewing videos to cater your follow up.

Spend less time to close each lease

by removing roadblocks and barriers in the leasing process.

Increase sight-unseen leasing

by making it a breeze for out-of-market leads to choose your community.

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

Improve Community Engagement

Promote your programs better

via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps

Decrease maintenance key-ins and requests

by creating maintenance videos

Reinforce community rules

by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t

Reduce repetitive questions

because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video

More Than Software

On-site training

for every property Realync is implemented at

Stop the ad hoc video efforts

going on at properties with one set, standardized process and platform

Track usage, engagement, content

being created, and more from the corporate level

Work with the Realync team

to create the training program to be rolled out across all properties

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Virtual Leasing Apartments

If you are looking to expand your footprint in the multifamily market, you need to think carefully about how you can get your leads converted at a higher rate. Regardless of the type of asset you own or operate, you need to do everything you can to maximize the rate at which your leads sign their leases. That is where virtual leasing apartments can be helpful.

In the current environment, most people use the internet when they are looking for products and services they require. This includes potential apartment buildings. Even though there are still plenty of situations where someone is going to come to a physical multifamily community to look at available units, it is also important to provide people with multiple options. The more people you can get interested in the apartments you offer, the greater the number of leases they will sign.

That is why you should take advantage of a video leasing solution for multifamily communities such as Realync. People still want to see the exact unit in which they might be living before signing on the dotted line. One of the best ways to do exactly that is to provide them with access to a live or pre-recorded video tour. So, whether you are making a video for a specific person or are trying to hold an open house, virtual leasing solutions can be helpful.

At the same time, you need to think about how you will get the most out of this virtual leasing option. What do you need to do to provide the best video tour possible? How can you make sure potential residents feel comfortable with the tour? We dive into it below.

Metropolitan Apartments


This could include metropolitan apartments. While cheap apartments for rent can be helpful, apartments located in a large city tend to be more expensive. If you are trying to market apartments in the middle of a city, there are several important points you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to emphasize the location. Many people are going to be frustrated when they take a look at the price of a metropolitan apartment in a major city. Therefore, you have to do everything you can to convince them the apartment is worth it. For example, you need to focus on the location of the apartment. Emphasize that it is within walking distance of many shops, restaurants, and job opportunities (if it is, of course).

Then, you need to do everything you can to separate yourself from the competition. Even though many apartments are available in the downtown area, there should be a few reasons why people should live in your multifamily community instead of another option.

Finally, even though your occupancy rate might be very high, you need to do everything you can to show a potential resident what their vacant unit might look like. This is another area where video leasing can be helpful. A lot of multifamily communities do not yet offer this, so this is one of the best ways for you to set yourself apart. In addition, if you can showcase what your multifamily community looks like through a virtual tour, you will have an easier time convincing someone to sign a lease with your community.

If you would like to get the most out of your video tour, you need to use live or pre-recorded video tours at the bottom of the sales funnel. Even though 3D and 360 virtual tours can be helpful at the top of the sales funnel, this will not work at the bottom of the sales funnel because people need to see the exact unit in which they will be living.

The future is now and with our captions and translations, you can reach out to any audience, anywhere in the world. Every experience you create is saved to the cloud instantly so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll always have access to the materials you require.

Apartments for Rent


For example, many people use the internet when looking for houses and apartments for rent near me. Therefore, if someone uses a Google search to look at options in the local area, you have to make sure your multifamily community shows up. So, for example, you need to start with a strong website. This will be your digital storefront, and you have to make a positive impression on people looking for a unit in a multifamily community.

Then, you may want to enhance your social media marketing as well. As an example, you may want to use social media to post videos of events that take place in your multifamily community. That way, people will view your community as a great way to meet people. In addition, if you can show potential residents that you care deeply about their well-being, you may have an easier time increasing your occupancy rate.

Of course, you also have to look into live and pre-recorded video tours. This is a great way to showcase not only events but also an open unit. However, even though there are plenty of video tour options out there, you should stay away from free options because they do not necessarily provide you with the same features. Furthermore, a free virtual leasing tool most likely isn’t built for multifamily communities specifically. Therefore, you might be missing out on a lot of important functionalities that would otherwise allow you to create a beautiful tour.

Remember that the goal is to keep your occupancy rate as high as possible. If you consider virtual leasing and touring technology in your multifamily budget, you will have an easier time doing exactly that.

The real estate industry was once reliant on photos and stale, overpriced videos. In a climate where the buyer is going to make a more educated decision than ever before, Realync provides the tools necessary to create the authentic experience today’s market is looking for.

Multifamily Leasing

If you are giving a virtual apartment tour as a part of your multifamily leasing strategy, you must talk slowly. Even though you are probably familiar with the unit, the person on the other end of the screen is probably not. You need to give him a few seconds to take a closer look at the screen. Remember that they are trying to envision what their life might look like in that unit. You need to give them time to do so.

You also need to make sure you pause for a few seconds in between questions. This is important for giving people an opportunity to ask questions they might have. If you show your potential residents that you are paying attention to their needs, you may have an easier time convincing them to sign a lease. On the other hand, if you plow through the tour without thinking about their requirements, they may not think the community is right for them.

Finally, you should also do a dry run of it or before you record your video. Even though you are familiar with the building, you still need to understand what you are looking at. Furthermore, you have to make sure the unit is clean before you give a tour. Otherwise, this might not make a good impression on a potential resident.

Leasing Strategy

You need to develop a comprehensive leasing strategy. If you are wondering how to make a virtual apartment tour, the first thing you need to do is find the appropriate video leasing application. There are plenty of options available, and you might be thinking about going with an option that offers a free trial. However, keep in mind that a free trial usually has a lot of watered-down features that are not necessarily representative of what the complete package provides. So instead, you need to go with a comprehensive video leasing technology that has been specifically designed for multifamily communities.

For example, if you decide to go with the video package available from Realync, all you need is a the Realync app and a camera on your smartphone, Android or tablet. It doesn’t get much easier than that. You don’t have to worry about hiring a video editing team, and you don’t need to purchase any advanced technology. This application is intuitive, straightforward, and provides you with access to a wide variety of editing options right there in the application. This can be the tool you need to make a positive impression on your prospective residents.

Apartment Video Tours

If you want to fill up your apartments, you need a comprehensive multifamily marketing strategy. This includes apartment video tours. Pre-recorded video tours are helpful because you can send the same video to multiple people. This can help you save a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, giving a live tour to someone is also helpful because it allows someone to look at the apartment building without physically traveling to it in real-time and asking questions when they want. Regardless of whether someone is looking for remote work opportunities, traveling at the time, or trying to stay safe during a potential health crisis, giving people multiple opportunities to tour a vacant unit is helpful. This could be exactly what you need to increase your conversion rate.

Even though there are multiple applications available, you should consider using Realync to help you with all of your multifamily marketing needs. For example, develop a real, raw, transparent connection with someone interested in a vacant condo or apartment. In that case, this could make your job as a property manager or leasing agent significantly easier. So, take a closer look at everything Realync can do for you, and widen your digital marketing strategy.