Most multifamily communities today understand offering some sort of virtual touring option is a must. However, simply offering virtual tours may not be enough to give prospects everything they are looking for.

Virtual tours cover everything from Facetime tours on a native app to high-scale production videos and everything in between. The needs and wants of prospects vary greatly. Providing prospects what they need and want is a heavy lift for already busy leasing teams. Here’s where a virtual tour hosting platform can help accomplish leasing goals most efficiently and effectively possible.

To truly compete in today’s hyper-competitive multifamily real estate market, you need a virtual tour hosting platform. Here are three of our reasons why.

Why Consistency and Standardization of Tours Matter

Leasing teams may have used a video touring platform before. The question though is your video touring platform built for multifamily. If not, your teams should use a multifamily virtual tour hosting platform. However, there is a total lack of oversight and control over what the team is pushing out in those cases.

Teams should be mindful of the video touring platform they leverage. Especially when it comes to web accessibility. That means, are those hosting platforms compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or Fair Housing Act. Is accessibility really worth the risk? Probably not.

See how Realync is both WCAG and Fair Housing Compliant

Beyond that, producing virtual tours through Facetime or other ad-hoc forms of video tours don’t allow for true metrics, cloud-storing, and many other features multifamily-specific platforms offer. While your team doesn’t have to really worry about virtual tour equipment and software, they also aren’t getting the accountability and trackability virtual tour hosting platforms can provide. Below are just a couple of the missing pieces teams have insight into:

  • What parts of the video tour a prospect is viewing
  • If prospects viewed a video tour
  • The ability to send a personalized follow-up video

Finally, if your community is part of a larger property group, you should likely follow brand standards. A virtual tour platform allows teams to meet those standards in each and every video tour produced by the team.

Simple, Effective, and Efficient Videos Always Wins

A virtual tour hosting platform makes the virtual touring process as simple, effective, and efficient as possible for onsite leasing teams. As you know, there isn’t a lot of free time for leasing teams. Having virtual tour software that is actually built for multifamily can make all the difference.

Not only will teams be able to know how to host their virtual tours, but they’ll be tied to their existing multifamily systems and processes. That means supporting the entire lead-to-lease cycle from hosting tours on your front end to a top-of-funnel website to integrate seamlessly with your back-end lead management system.

In addition, the platform will streamline processes, taking the DIY tour options and making them more efficient by helping you with views and manage those tours where and how they are needed. And, in the case of the best virtual tour hosting platforms, you’ll have ongoing training and support for your team along the way. That’s a critical benefit many real estate virtual tour services don’t offer.

Your Prospects Want Personalized Video Tours

Today’s multifamily consumers and prospects have a taste for virtual. They are demanding virtual tour experiences that go beyond a 360 virtual tour. The best way to meet that need is through a virtual tour hosting platform.

If your teams aren’t fully equipped with a virtual tour solution to meet your prospective residents in the means and timeframe they most desire, you are likely to lose that lead. In today’s hyper-competitive multifamily environment, that’s not a risk you should be willing to take. You could be losing business to the community next door or down the street that offers virtual tour opportunities prospects are looking for.

In today’s day and age, virtual touring options in an authentic and transparent way are a must. Real and personalized video experiences are in demand and multifamily teams need to keep up with it by providing those types of options.

Virtual tour hosting platforms are the best way to produce easy, impactful tours that will get leases signed in a way that’s easiest for your teams to use.

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