The Lens Season

Get Comfortable on Video With 5 Camera-Ready Habits

Kristi Fickert and Drew Hudson team up to share five camera-ready tips with you so you can kick video jitters to the curb. Join the video course and learn:

  • How to get comfortable on camera
  • Tips to create high-quality video content quickly
  • How to reduce video shyness so you can lease more efficiently

“It's near impossible to feel personality from an email, but when you use video, that's another story. Kristi, you make it look so natural. Keep teaching us!”

“I want to be just like you when I grow up, Kristi! I am loving these videos—so engaging and innovative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

Become a Video Expert in Less Than a Week

 Minutes a Day
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About Kristi


Kristi Fickert is the Vice President of Enterprise Growth at Realync. Kristi is a 24-year multifamily veteran and works as an industry liaison, where she helps make technology relatable and easy to understand. She remains focused on educating and empowering industry leaders through high-energy presentations that leave her audiences compelled to level up.

About Drew


Drew Hudson is a well known multifamily video creator and a Training and Development Specialist at American Landmark Apartments. Drew's been in multifamily for 10+ years as a leasing professional, assistant property manager, regional trainer and training specialist. Drew brings the energy when he's presenting on stage or online about multifamily best practices and tips.