The Lens Season

Get Comfortable on Video With 5 Camera-Ready Habits

Kristi Fickert and Drew Hudson team up to share five camera-ready tips with you so you can kick video jitters to the curb. Join the video course and learn:

  • How to get comfortable on camera
  • Tips to create high-quality video content quickly
  • How to reduce video shyness so you can lease more efficiently

“I want to be just like you when I grow up, Kristi! I am loving these videos—so engaging and innovative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

"I just watched the first episode of this video series with Kristi Fickert, and I shouted, "omg yes!" for four minutes straight."

Become a Video Expert in Less Than a Week

 Minutes a Day
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About Kristi


Kristi Fickert is the Vice President of Enterprise Growth at Realync. Kristi is a 24-year multifamily veteran and works as an industry liaison, where she helps make technology relatable and easy to understand. She remains focused on educating and empowering industry leaders through high-energy presentations that leave her audiences compelled to level up.

About Drew


Drew Hudson is a well known multifamily video creator and a Training and Development Specialist at American Landmark Apartments. Drew's been in multifamily for 10+ years as a leasing professional, assistant property manager, regional trainer and training specialist. Drew brings the energy when he's presenting on stage or online about multifamily best practices and tips.