The multifamily industry carries its own set of traditions. Baggage, if you will.

Not the kind of “baggage” you’d share over coffee with a friend discussing a new relationship.

This “baggage” refers to fixed notions about managing multifamily operations. Some cling to the old ways, believing them to be the only right way, while others like you seek out new ways of leasing.

Consider the old-fashioned method of paying invoices by mail—a practice that some still use today. Yet, online payment software has revolutionized this process in our digital age.

Similar shifts are happening in apartment leasing.

Some are embracing a new approach and using their personality and tools to engage with renters, rather than relying on scripted interactions.

Interested in making a similar shift? We got you.

Learn how this onsite team showcases their personalities and utilizes new tools to forge stronger connections with renters, resulting in higher resident satisfaction rates.

People Buy From People

On a recent roundtable, Kristine Levinskas, Education and Training Development Manager, shared how her onsite teams have improved their resident satisfaction rates with Kristi Fickert, Vice President of Enterprise Growth at Realync, and Lia Smith, Senior Vice President of Education and Performance at SatisFacts.

“We allow our on-site teams to explore what works for them when building a connection with a prospect or resident. For example, I have a theater background, so I’m more theatrical in presentations whereas I have a team member who’s more calm, cool, and collected during tours and is successful because it’s genuine.”

Kristine said, “We don’t hire clones – people are our biggest asset.”

Kristine said it starts on day one of new hire orientation in terms of encouraging her teams to build connections with prospects and renters by using their personalities.

“We teach our new hires that prospects make a decision first through an emotional connection, then they’ll justify it later with logic. So we say, ‘Whatever makes you you, lean into that’ as the connection needs to come first. That’s what’s going to win that prospect over.”

Kristine continued, “Apartments might be a product of ours, but our number one product is our people and our culture.”

The Science Behind On-Site Personalities & Their Impact on Resident Decisions

In this roundtable, discover top strategies for building authentic connections with residents. Join industry leaders in the multifamily ‘lab’ to explore using on-site teams’ personalities to enhance satisfaction and renewals.

We gathered data from Realync’s video library, deployed focus groups with SatisFacts & ApartmentRatings, and asked Trilogy Real Estate Group to verify our findings.