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Turn Leads-to-Leases Through Video With 5 Camera-Ready Habits

Join 100+ multifamily pros who’ll learn how to get comfortable on video in 2023


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How Can You Get Comfortable on Video in 2023?

The Lens is an email-based video course. This season of The Lens features Kristi Fickert, a multifamily marketer with 24 years of experience and Andrew Hudson, a known multifamily video creator and a Training and Development Specialist at American Landmark Apartments. Your instructors zoom in on the topic of how to get comfortable

on video in 2023. Starting January 17th, you can expect to receive one 5-minute video per day, delivered directly to your inbox — continued education made convenient. Ready to get comfortable on camera so you and your team can create scroll-stopping video content? Enroll now to get on the waitlist.