It feels as though the entire world continues to level up its virtual capabilities. And the multifamily real estate industry is certainly in the mix.

Every community out there is looking for ways to level up their virtual touring experience for their prospective renters. It’s a must-have to stand out in a busy, ever-growing industry. Virtual experiences continue to rise in popularity, and with that, so has the software industry. There are so many different types of virtual tour software on the market. From 360 tours to 3D tours, to live virtual tours and pre-recorded virtual tour libraries – it’s easy to get overwhelmed wondering what is the best virtual tour software for your property.

However, when you think about the best virtual tour software for you, it may not be what immediately pops in your mind. Here’s what we mean.

What the Best Virtual Tour Software ISN’T

When most people think of virtual tour software, their minds immediately go to 3D virtual tours or 360 virtual tours. Those are often the first type of virtual tours prospects see, so it makes sense. They are usually front and center on websites or social media pages. These types of virtual tours give visitors insight into a general overview of the property and/or its units. That’s why these types of virtual tours, typically, are the best virtual tour examples most people think of at first. It’s often their first time being exposed to virtual tours.

You’ll often see 360 and 3D virtual tours on website home pages or a property’s social media profile. They are great marketing tools. They’re utilizing real estate virtual tour services or specialized virtual tour equipment and software. In terms of drawing leads into top-of-funnel, these types of tours are perfect. They give a high-level impression of the property, allowing prospects a good look and feel of the community. Then, the prospect can decide if they want to take the next step.

All of that being said, we’d recommend pairing unit-level video tours with 360 tours and 3D tours. After a prospect gets a look into the different layouts, they’ll want to get more granular and actual see the specific apartment they’ll call home. If you’re looking for the best virtual tour software or comparing virtual tour software, you’ll want something that gives you a longer value.

What the Best Virtual Tour Software IS

The best virtual tour software is software that is built for multifamily properties. That means software that can easily integrate with your existing lead management tools and other systems. It also allows your leasing team to be front and center in their interactions with your prospects. Leasing agents are in charge of building those relationships. They are the ones answering questions and bringing the human-to-human element into the virtual leasing process. The best virtual tour software ensures leasing teams know how to create a virtual tour quickly and easily. It also allows agents to create a tour that is going to show prospects exactly what they want and need to see in the touring process.

See what we mean when we say “human connection”

Prospects won’t just see the property through a production filter, they’ll see the real deal. Their agent will show them their exact unit, the exact views, and floor plan. If the prospect wants to see the kitchen cabinets or even the garbage disposal? Great! If they want to see what the workout room looks like in the evening because that’s when they’ll most likely use it? Sure! The best virtual tour software will allow for that. This is the type of interaction that makes prospects comfortable and gives them enough confidence in the process to call your community home. They know there won’t be any unwelcome surprises come move-in day.

In the end, the best virtual tour software will offer an array of virtual tour creations like unit-level videos, 360 tours and 3D tours. They definitely stand out and are often the first virtual tour people see from the property. The best virtual tour software will provide a powerful, comprehensive, made for multifamily family, personalized, and lead-to-lease tool. That’s the type of tool that will make your property truly stand out.

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