Music has the power to move us to tears, to dance, or simply tap our feet and hum along. It’s a universal language we can all find joy in.

But, what about using background music for real estate virtual tours? Will it add value and drive a potential prospect further toward a signed lease? Or just be distracting?

The decision is up to you. However, that doesn’t mean we’re leaving you without any guidance. When deciding whether to use background music for virtual tours or not, here are some factors to take into account.

Who Is the Audience?

Using music for real estate virtual tours is a great way to enhance the experience for prospects. If music will add to the enjoyment, ambiance, and overall experience, then we say to use it! But, if it will be a distraction and take away from the purpose and experience, don’t use it.

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At the end of the day, it’s up to the leasing agent, to shoot the video and decide if including music is a good idea or not. You can base your decision on what you think is going to get clicks and engagement. Plus, you can consider what will best align with the look, feel, and experience you’re looking to provide with this particular video tour.

The Value of Voiceover Versus the Value of Music

Music for real estate virtual tours, rather than using voiceover, really shows its value with evergreen content. Take, for example, 3D virtual tours or 360 virtual tours. These types of tours often live on a property’s website. Since these videos are meant to be long-lasting and for a general audience, adding virtual tour background music may be a great choice.

Or, if you have unit and amenity-specific videos that are meant to be used as general overview pieces to have in your library and not personalized videos, those could benefit from music as well. They can still look polished and professional with a little something extra. Then, those videos are ready for a website, social, to send as a preview video, or however, they are needed moving forward.

But, if you want a more catered and personalized video that showcases the team, while simultaneously tells a specific story, or goes beyond just a look into a space, using voiceover on a video can add more value. You can use it to personalize the video, using the prospect’s name, calling out things you know they’ll care about, or answering specific questions. Making certain they can clearly hear those things creates a better impression than even the best songs for real estate videos.

What About Voiceovers…AND Music?

It is definitely possible! Voiceovers and music for real estate virtual tours are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you can easily learn how to make a virtual tour using both of them. One of the many benefits the Realync platform offers is just that.

When you are creating a pre-recorded video on the Realync platform, you can add music to the background. Then, when you’re talking or adding a voiceover, the Realync app will automatically lower the music volume in the background. That ensures the voiceover or speaker is the most prominent sound and what is going to be heard in the playback.

And it doesn’t take a sound engineer on your end. All of that happens automatically once you press publish on the video. It’s completely flexible with your needs for your specific audience, point, and purpose. There is even a built-in voiceover function where you can add the voiceover after the clips are recorded.

Oh, and you don’t have to search the internet for free music downloads for your real estate songs. Realync has a royalty-free music library readily available.

So, should you add music to real estate virtual tours? It is definitely an option and one that is 100% up to you. Realync provides the flexibility for either music or voiceover or both depending on the point, the purpose, and the desired use of the video. Your team is well equipped to do any or all of the above when it comes to music, voiceover, talking while recording, or any combination.

A good question to ask yourself is if the music is going to make the video more difficult or cumbersome for the intended viewer. If it is, then don’t add music. Is it a value add? Add the tunes!

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