It’s officially December and while there may not be snow on the ground (yet), the holiday season is already in full swing here in Minnesota (where I’m located)! As fun as this time of year can be, it does present some extra headaches and challenges for on-site teams. It’s important to keep in mind your multifamily marketing plan should include some key videos to keep your residents engaged and informed over the holiday season. Our team has some great tips for how to help you combat those challenges and still keep things light during this busy time of year!

Holiday Resident Engagement Videos

Here are three ideas to help you effectively communicate with your residents this holiday season:

1. Package Handling Updates: You know as well as we do that the holiday season also brings package season. Package management becomes a huge part of on-site teams’ jobs for the month of December and keeping your residents updated on policies and procedures surrounding packages can help save you time and reduce resident stress and repetitive questions.

Video idea – Create a video highlighting where packages can be picked up (i.e., package lockers, overflow space, etc.) for when residents have to access their packages, and any other key shipping information specific to your community. Send this video out early to all residents to help answer those frequently asked package questions!

2. Holiday Hours: Will your offices be closed during specific dates and times over the coming weeks?

Video idea – Create a video explaining office hours, any closures that are planned, and communicate your emergency maintenance protocol during this video too to give residents an idea of what to expect when your office is closed. You can also create a video on days you are closed explaining your closure and link that video to a QR code to put on your front doors for those who may have missed the initial announcement!

3. Decor Protocol: The holiday season also brings seasonal decor! Make a video explaining what is and isn’t allowed when decorating. Do you allow live wreaths and trees? Seasonal doormats or other hallway decors?

Video idea – Create a video outlining what is and isn’t allowed. If you do allow live trees and wreaths, make sure to include instructions on the removal of those items at the end of the season. Dead pine needles are no fun for anyone, so make sure these guidelines cover all decor types so you don’t single anyone out and keep your community fair housing compliant!

Does resident engagement seem low? Increase engagement by testing out our video ideas and download our FREE video engagement playbook!

Already a Realync user? Don’t forget to check out Realync’s holiday-themed songs! We have added royalty-free holiday music to our music library for you to add to your videos and you can do this right within the Realync app. Our Client Success team has embraced their inner Realync Reindeer to remind you about our new holiday music… check it out! Creating fun holiday content will help keep your residents engaged and informed this holiday season.

Using Realync, a virtual leasing solution, as a resident and community engagement tool will help keep your residents aware of things like policy changes, upcoming resident events (or recaps if you really want to drive home that FOMO!), and also help with community engagement ideas! Realync can help you in these areas and more all while helping keep you compliant with fair housing. Who knew?!

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