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About the Toolkit

Promoting a multifamily property in the modern leasing landscape presents some unique challenges. Prospective residents are busier than ever, may not be able to travel to the property prior to leasing, are most likely looking for an authentic experience, and, on top of that, there is more noise from competition in the market than ever before. So how do you stand out from the crowd and make your leasing life easier? Turn to video! Using this toolkit, you’ll learn how to use live or recorded video to overcome the problems of geographical distance,

busy schedules, and a lack of easy, transparent communication with your online, typically remote, audience. Afterward, you’ll be able to create a truly authentic experience that will make your videos and community stand out. If you enjoy the toolkit, sign up for a demo of Realync’s video tour software. With Realync, you’ll be able to create polished, professional, cloud-based videos, and host live video tours that are simple, welcoming, transparent, real, and, most importantly, authentic.

Multifamily Marketing

No matter what industry in which someone works, marketing is always essential. This is just as true in real estate as in any other sector and this includes multifamily communities. When it comes to multifamily marketing, this ranges from advertising for apartment communities to which internet listing platform to use, your community branding, and so much more.

The goal of any multifamily community is to lease-up and then keep its occupancy rate as high as possible. To do this, it is important to showcase your multifamily community in its best light in a wide variety of various marketing campaigns. Like other industries, there is plenty of multifamily housing news that keeps people updated on the multifamily industry as a whole; however, some of the biggest trends have taken place specifically in the idea of multifamily marketing. In the past, people used to advertise using billboards, signage, and any physical means of advertising, multifamily marketing has undergone some major changes over the past few years. Not only has the internet upended many traditional multifamily marketing efforts, but it’s also broadened the many ways that multifamily professionals can get in front of their target audience of prospective residents. One of the most powerful means of doing so? Video marketing! Why video? Not only is it the preferred means with consumers’ desire to consume information, but it’s also one of the best ways to showcase your community and all it has to offer. With this in mind, it is critical for every leasing agent and property manager to stay up to date on some of the latest changes that have taken place in the world of multifamily marketing.

Multifamily Marketing Ideas

When it comes to multifamily marketing ideas, it is important to take a well-rounded approach. Remember that the goal is to find ways to establish that human-to-human connection that is so important when getting prospective residents to sign on the dotted line. It is always helpful to take a look at apartment marketing ideas on Pinterest to see some of the most creative options; however, a few great strategies will quickly rise to the surface.

Some of the top marketing ideas for 2020 have to do with social media advertising. This is one of the most cost-effective ways for any multifamily community to reach out to prospective residents. It is free to create a profile on most platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Then, your multifamily community can put out creative photos and videos regularly to get people interested in the community. Furthermore, this can also be used to advertise certain events that might take place on the property throughout the year. In addition, your social media pages can be used to share videos of units and floor plans that might be vacant, encouraging people to sign up for tours. These tours can even be designed around certain events that might take place in the multifamily community such as a BBQ or neighborhood event. This will help prospective residents see just how much fun living in your multifamily community can be. That is why social media marketing is one of the top apartment marketing ideas in 2020.

Apartment Grand Opening Ideas

One of the most exciting times for any multifamily community is the grand opening. Therefore, it is important to make this time special. There are a few great apartment grand opening ideas that leasing agents and property managers should consider.

First, think about supporting a cause during the grand opening. If there is a charity that is closely aligned with the local community, try to pair with the charity to raise money for their cause while also drawing attention to the community itself. In advance of the grand opening, work to brand the multifamily community with apartment marketing slogans that will help the community stick in the minds of potential residents. It could also be helpful to throw a party that brings a prior decade to life or features fun costumes. This is a great way to come up with some social media-worthy photos and could be one of the top apartment open house ideas.

Finally, think about offering apartment move-in specials. There are a few great apartment move-in specials ideas: a discount on the first month’s rent, a lower security deposit, or other features that prospective residents might find attractive like smart home technology, a free parking spot, and more. Finally, at any apartment grand opening, it is always a good idea to have free food and drinks. This can be a great segue into a great marketing strategy for multifamily communities down the road as well.

Fun Marketing Ideas for Apartments

It is critical for multifamily communities to come up with an effective marketing strategy. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get creative, using some fun marketing ideas for apartments.

First, it is critical to leverage apartment social media marketing. Think about using apartment social media marketing ideas to announce the dates and times of big events, encouraging prospective residents to come out and check out the community. This is also a way to share photos and videos of various parties that take place throughout the year, positioning the community as a fun place where everyone can come and hang out.

Some of the top Fall marketing ideas for apartments have to do with Halloween. Think about using apartment contest ideas, such as a costume contest, to spice up the Halloween celebration! The multifamily community might even want to throw a Fall Festival.

Finally, think about outreach marketing ideas for apartments as well. This could include building relationships with banks, moving companies, storage companies, gyms, and furniture stores to offer discounts to residents of your community. This is a great way to incentivize people who might be on the fence to sign a lease with your community!

Multifamily Marketing Agency

In some cases, it might also be good to partner with apartment marketing companies such as a multifamily marketing agency. A real estate ad agency can come up with some other ideas to help the multifamily community boost its visibility in the local area.

A marketing plan for an apartment community should focus on the target audience of the multifamily community. What is the typical age of the people who live in the community? Is there a way to increase the ability of the multifamily community to reach this target audience? Are there added apartment marketing sites on which the multifamily community should be advertising? This is where a multifamily marketing ad agency can be helpful. It could also be helpful to leverage apartment marketing collateral to improve the reach of any multifamily community advertising campaign.

Multifamily Marketing Analytics

It is important for every multifamily community to track its multifamily marketing analytics. This starts with staying up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

The National Multifamily Housing Council can provide leasing agents with the latest multifamily housing statistics. This can go a long way when it comes to making decisions based on multifamily business.

It is important for every multifamily leasing agent to track the building’s KPIs – key performance indicators. Some of the top metrics that a property manager might want to know to include the occupancy rate, the average renewal rate, how long it takes to bring in a new resident, and the average length of the lease. All of these numbers could serve as strong indicators of how well the multifamily community is doing. These numbers, and many more, matter because they indicate how well the multifamily marketing campaigns are working. Why? Because if your multifamily marketing campaigns are successful, it means you are getting the highest qualified prospective residents who then convert into residents and are best matched to live in your community, aka happy residents.

Multifamily Trends: 2020

In order for multifamily communities to stay ahead of the curve, they need to stay on top of the multifamily trends in 2020. In many ways, these trends define the future of multifamily housing. One of the biggest trends that are taking place in the world of multifamily communities has to do with technology. Multifamily technology, including multifamily smart technology, is dominating the multifamily latest news. For example, many people are looking to incorporate smart home thermostats in their homes to manage and limit their utility bills.

Many residents also use connected devices in their homes to make their entertainment more accessible and enjoyable. Sometimes, multifamily residents expect to see the same devices in the common areas. When multifamily communities incorporate these devices, this could also impact multifamily rental rates, making multifamily communities more attractive and, thereby, more profitable. For more information on this, it is always helpful to look at the National Multifamily Housing Council Rent Tracker.

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