Has virtual leasing been successful for you over the past several years? Through the pandemic, lockdowns, and just the general public getting more used to virtual, prospects love having a virtual touring and leasing experience as an option when looking for a new home. In the Realync + Satisfacts survey, 52.1% of residents said they’d lease with just a virtual tour again!

Prospects no longer want to spend days or even weeks touring property after property. Today’s consumers have neither the time nor desire for that journey. Will they still want to tour in person for the last look? Maybe – and that’s a welcome visit! However, offering virtual options early on will make the process quicker and more convenient overall.

Ultimately, including remote leasing in your leasing toolbox will help leasing teams convert more leases conveniently. Here’s why.

Convenience Is What Today’s Consumers Want

Virtual leasing is a new category of leasing that’s become a necessary part of every property’s modern leasing toolbox. Now, remote leasing certainly saw a massive surge when the COVID -19 pandemic hit. However, the necessity of providing virtual options for leasing is not just because of the pandemic. It’s because of changing consumer preferences. When looking for a new apartment, prospective residents are requiring increased convenience in that search.

Convenience Helps You Lease Quicker

Prospects today want to be able to have all the benefits of an in-person touring experience but from anywhere. This means providing remote leasing if that’s what will work best for your prospect, or maybe they opt for an in-person tour or a hybrid of the two.

Ultimately, the thing that sells, beyond the help of technology, is personalization. When it comes to converting a lease more conveniently, you’ll best succeed by listening to your prospect and creating a personalized experience for them. Some prospects will still want the in-person tour. Great! On-site teams are ready to provide that. However, others may want a virtual tour. For example, if they are a recent graduate moving to a new city for a job. Offer a live virtual tour of a few floor plans to help save them time. You may just save them driving up 4, 5, even 6 weekends in a row to look at spaces. They will get a general idea of what they want and then can come in person to look at the unit they want.

Not only will this save your residents time and money, but it will also show them that you listened and personalized the experience for them, and put in the work to build the relationship. That’s what will move them from a lead to a signed lease quickly and conveniently.

Video Works

Prospects can be anywhere and still have the leasing experience they want, just virtual. You’re able to give prospects a personalized tour and show them what they want in real-time.

Learn more about how your competitors are finding success with video

By using a video engagement platform, like Realync, your community will have seen a huge uptick in your lead-to-lease conversion rates. We mean upwards of 2x lead-to-lease conversion simply by using Realync for remote leasing and being able to cater the experience to the individual consumer.

You already know how to successfully lease multifamily units. Adding remote leasing to the toolbox allows you to do your job more efficiently and conveniently for your prospects. But, you’ll still need to use personalization and your listening skills to be a successful virtual leasing agent!