New Years. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Only dreams give birth to change.

As we reflect on the dreams and goals we had for 2017, we look back with full, thankful hearts. We smile thinking back on the people that helped to make Realync what it is today, the people who believed in us and believed in what video leasing could do for their teams and communities, and the friends that were made in an industry filled with incredible people.

It was a big year for Realync and a big year for video leasing in the multifamily industry! We’re excited to reflect and look back on what an incredible year it was and share some of those highlights with you below.

Video Leasing Usage & Stats

This was a breakout year for Realync usage and we have seen multifamily communities and leasing teams across the country host / create over 180% more tours on the Realync platform compared to 2016. That increase in usage includes hosting over 250 live video tours for prospective residents in over 77 different cities.

Along with those live tours hosted, multifamily communities created nearly 1,400 recorded videos in over 80 different cities, and those videos were viewed over 6,000 times.

And just who is being impacted by these multifamily tours? This year alone, nearly 650 people from all around the world partook in a video leasing experience.

Video Leasing Adoption & Growth

We can’t talk about 2017 being a breakout year for video leasing without giving credit to the forward thinkers and innovators in the multifamily industry that believed in something new and believed in the power of personalized, real connections with prospective renters.

Over 21,000 additional multifamily units were equipped with Realync’s video leasing platform throughout the year while both Panther Residential and Chestnut Hill Realty went ALL IN on video leasing, rolling our platform out to their entire portfolios.

Waterton, Equity, Fairfield, Milhaus Pathway Senior Living, TWG, and Village Green all continued to expand their reach with video leasing and continued to roll out the Realync platform nationwide.

The new adopters and innovators who embraced video leasing in 2017 included AMLI, Avenue5, Barrett & Stokely, Bozzuto, Core Redevelopment, Glick, Pedcor, Sheehan, Vesta Realty, and others.

Video Leasing Wins & Successes

With such growth and expansion of video leasing across multifamily communities in 2017, there were ample opportunities to document incredible use cases, success stories, and some huge wins using the Realync platform.

Panther Residential was one of those success stories throughout the entire year. From the start of using Realync, they found success and never looked back. Shortly after the team at Panther’s Villas at Houston Levee apartments was trained on Realync, they were closing deals.

“Within the first few weeks of using Realync, we secured an application sight unseen using a Realync video tour. The resident moved in less than 30 days after watching it!”

On top of that, the creativity exhibited by the onsite teams at Panther’s properties continues to be a highlight. Panther Creek Parc was having an issue with residents not picking up after their dogs outside, so instead of sending out another flyer or email notifying all residents of the proper procedures for pet waste disposal, they decided to have some fun. The staff created a fun, satirical video about not being a “poopatrator”, while still reinforcing the proper procedures, and sent it to all residents. This video not only got the job done for their community, but also is the most viewed video on Realync to date.

Another example of seeing instant success on Realync is Chestnut Hill Realty. Wasting no time at all, the leasing team at Water View Village hosted a live video tour for a prospective resident immediately following their Realync training. It just so happened that they had an inbound lead interested in their property that was from out of town, so they setup the live video tour, hosted it, and just like that they had a signed lease sight-unseen with an out-of-town prospect.

“I have some great news to share! Our leasing team did a live tour right after training the other day and successfully rented based on the tour to someone coming from out of town!”

Finally, a success story that simply can’t go without mention is Bozzuto’s pre-leasing efforts for The Sinclair in Chicago. The onsite team was faced with a particularly daunting task during pre-leasing. Not only was their temporary leasing office offsite, but they also were not allowed to do hardhat tours during construction. Without the ability to physically walk prospective residents through the building, they turned to Realync. The Sinclair team got to work producing a library of recorded videos showcasing unit layouts, particular views from units and amenity areas, construction updates, and more. Using these videos, the team creatively engaged their lead list to generate buzz and excitement, and got people bought in on the space before ever physically seeing it. They then extended live video tour invites to prospective residents looking to see specific units. In the end, the Bozzuto team had The Sinclair over 25% leased before a single prospective resident ever stepped foot in the building.

“During pre-leasing and lease-up, Realync was literally all we used! We filled 25% occupancy during pre-leasing thanks to the Realync platform.”

Video Leasing Favorites

We couldn’t talk about all of the amazing successes above without sharing at least a few of our favorite videos produced on Realync in 2017! See below for just a few of the highlights:

Video Leasing Press

It was also a great year for press surrounding video leasing and Realync. See below for some of the top articles mentioning Realync’s video leasing platform from the past year:


Realync Team Growth

2017 was a year of growth in every sense of the word – including our team! We were fortunate enough to add two multifamily industry all-stars to the team that brought with them years of experience:

Tammy Majettetammy1

Tammy joins Realync after spending the last 3+ years at Assurant as an Executive Sales Consultant. Tammy has been in the multifamily industry for over 20+ years and brings a wealth of industry insight and knowledge to our team! Tammy’s location in Atlanta is also very strategic for our team as Realync has been aggressively growing its presence across the Southeast in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

Nick Logsdonnick.jpg

Nick has been in the multifamily industry for 4+ years and brings national sales experience to our team! Nick joins Realync after spending the last year at Home Partners of America and 2 years at prior to that. Nick’s role at provided him a wealth of experience in the Midwest and Western regions, which will help Realync expand its presence in key markets like Chicago, Colorado, California, and Texas.

On top of adding two rock stars to the team, we saw Realync Co-founder, Ani Rangarajan, get married to his long-time sweetheart. Our team also added 2 puppies to the mix with Co-founder, Matt Weirich, and Director of Client Success, Rachel Yockey, bringing home new puppies for their families.

Our team spread our wings and literally flew this year…all over the country. As a team, we traveled nearly 68,000 miles this year. We believe in the power of real connections and therefore joined quite a few apartment associations across the US to enhance our local presence, build relationships, and be active members of the industry that we love. In 2017 Realync joined the following associations:

  • Indiana Apartment Association
  • Atlanta Apartment Association (GAA)
  • Apartment Association of Metro Denver (CAA)
  • Greater Nashville Apartment Association (TAA)
  • Apartment Association of Greater Orlando (FAA)

Expectations for 2018

Though 2017 was a foundational, incredible year of growth for Realync and video leasing across the multifamily industry, we could not be more excited looking into 2018. As we continue to work with more and more incredible multifamily partners across the US and around the world, we’ll be able to collect even more feedback from you, our partners, and continue innovating on the Realync platform to provide the best, simplest, most integrated, Fair Housing compliant video leasing platform out there. 2017 proved that video leasing is needed and desired, powerful and impactful.

Cheers to all that was accomplished and all of the friendships made in 2017, and here’s to even bigger things together in 2018!

From our Realync family to yours…

Happy New Year and keep it real!