Video, video, and video – that was the topic of conversation in Renter Obsessed’s most recent podcast episode featuring Kristi Fickert, VP of Enterprise Growth at Realync. This live conversation with Kristi and host, Sydney Webber with Knock, was unscripted, raw, real, and filled with questions and answers centered around – you guessed it – video.

You’ve been told countless times to use video, whether that’s a professional videographer, 3D video tours, or raw, pre-recorded videos. So, you’ve been experimenting and building out your video strategy – that’s great! But, what are those burning questions you have about video in multifamily? What roadblocks are you running into with your video strategy? One listener asked Kristi to elaborate more on “obstacles multifamily runs into with distributing video content”. Here’s what Kristi said…

Utilize Tools to Help Distribute Your Videos

“The other week I asked in Multifamily ShareSpace how many leasing professionals use their personal phone on-site. 92% of respondents said they are using their phones. For me, I get it! I loved the convenience of using my own phone when I was on-site. However, one of the challenges with this is distributing that video content from your personal phone. You don’t want to expect your prospect to download an app or go to Google Drive (it’s not a great end-user experience)! The video file size may be too big to send via video or text. There are so many tools (e.g., social scheduling platforms or video editing platforms) out there that can help store video in one central location that you can send out without ever asking the prospect to download an app or open a large video file.”

Another topic Kristi discussed was the gap in the multifamily industry when it comes to video. She said…

Instill Trust with Your On-Site Teams

“Today, prospective residents shop in so many different ways, so it gets competitive. We really have this gap in the industry where we don’t trust our on-site teams enough to be those brand ambassadors. Let your on-site teams create more raw and authentic videos that aren’t overally produced (which those videos can still be on brand!). This lets leasing agents show off their personalities. A leasing agent could create a video of them opening the backdoor that faces the woods, listening to the beautiful sounds of nature while showcasing the view. This video demonstrates details that may matter to prospects that they don’t always think to ask. I guarantee your competitors aren’t doing that!”

Turn Your On-site Teams Into an Army of Brand Ambassadors!

You need a video product and strategy that fits within each phase of the funnel. But, you may be stuck once you get there. Here’s Kristi’s advice…

Just Go For It

“Just start doing something with video. If you haven’t, you’re already behind! For example, I’ve created a couple gifs of myself where I wave “Hi” or me with my hands in the air raising the roof. When I send those gifs in emails, I get so much better engagement. It’s hard for people to say no when they’ve seen someone!”

Humanize your video strategy with all these trending tips from Kristi, Sydney, and Renter Obsessed listeners! After all, like Sydney said, “Being human with someone never goes out of style.”

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