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Leverage Video Throughout the Entire Resident Lifecycle

In This Playbook:

  • Explore how personalized video experiences win leases quicker
  • How to create quality video content that educates, tells a story, and elevates your property
  • See real data and video ideas so you can gain a competitive advantage

About This Playbook:

We’ve divided the resident lifecycle into three main categories: Market, Lease, and Engage. In each of these stages, it is crucial for your team to understand why video is needed, what content to provide, and where and how to meet your current and prospective residents virtually. Finally, we will look at how you can streamline your efforts across the entirety of the resident lifecycle to save your team time, money, and resources.

By creating and implementing a video strategy through the three stages, your team will be able to market your properties more effectively, close leases faster, engage with your residents in an authentic way, and streamline your overall property operations.

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