A great virtual tour needs an expensive real estate virtual tour camera. 

Wait…that’s not right. 

Let’s rewrite that. A great virtual tour can be shot using nothing more than the device in your purse or pocket!

That sound much better. 

It’s true. You don’t need to run out and buy a ton of extra equipment just to shoot a good virtual tour. Using just your smartphone or tablet and the right virtual tour software. 360 or 3D virtual tours are a few great examples of virtual tours. However, the best 360 camera of 2020 will be one that doesn’t require you to even lift a finger. Yup. Realync Studios’ services employ video experts to capture video, 360 video, and 360 click-through tours on behalf of multifamily properties. Alongside Real360, Realync provides  DIY video for onsite teams.

Interested in equipping your on-site teams with a DIY video leasing tool? Let’s take a closer look at how your mobile device can be the perfect real estate virtual tour camera for all your leasing needs. 

Times, and Phones, They Are A-Changing 

Remember flip phones? It’s crazy to think about those and Blackberry devices. Luckily, iPhones and Androids were just around the corner. Everything from superior speed and clarity to high-level camera and video technology, smartphone manufacturers have leveraged scale in order to provide the world with incredibly inexpensive super cameras that fit in the palm of our hands. So, take a minute before you go out and spend your marketing dollars on a 3D camera for real estate. Or before you Google the best 360 camera for real estate virtual tours. Why? Because your smartphones—or Realync Studios—can actually do all of that and do it in a way that gets prospective renters interested and engaged.  

Benefits of Using Mobile Devices 

When it comes to real estate virtual tour cameras, it doesn’t get easier than a mobile device. It’s true – even compared to the easiest 3D camera and the most expensive professional virtual tour camera. For starters, your smartphone is a much less expensive option than most any other virtual tour camera. Just look up the costs of the best 360 camera for real estate in 2019 or even best 3D camera for real estate 2020. There is no comparison when you look into Realync’s Studio option with Real360. Not only that, but by using a smartphone, you’ll not only have your virtual tour camera on you, but you’ll have a much more versatile tour creator as well.

Your smartphone is an incredible tool for any real estate professional. With the right add-on, you can capture 3D virtual tours and 360 virtual tours. Without any additional equipment besides the best video leasing platform ( Realync), your smartphone or tablet can empower live video tours or DIY pre-recorded videos. And those are only two options we provide at Realync. 3D and 360 tours are among our offerings.

Instill trust and transparency into the leasing or sales process. Live video tours keep the human element front and center in the process, which is essential for trust and conversions. 

The Right Platform Plus the Right Device 

It may feel like there are a lot of virtual tour hosting companies. And there certainly is no shortage of options when it comes to 360 or 3D virtual tour offerings. But when it comes to virtual leasing solutions that aren’t top of funnel assets that sit on your website, but instead position your leasing team front and center in front of prospective renters, the air is thin. There’s only one solution that is purpose built for real estate touring that enables live video tours and open houses to put your onsite team on the front line of connecting with prospective residents to showcase your space. And the best part? All it takes to host these virtual leasing experiences is a smartphone or tablet and the Realync video leasing solution

You may be questioning why to use Realync when you can FaceTime or Zoom or just record videos using your iPhone. The short answer? None of those options are built for multifamily touring, Fair Housing compliant, integrated into your systems, or cloud-based for simple sharing and collaboration. At the end of the day, empowering onsite leasing teams to do what they do best and connect with prospective renter to showcase your property, build the relationship, and instill trust into the process without the physical touring requirement is what will get deals done.

Start using your smartphone as your real estate virtual tour camera

So you’ve got a less expensive piece of equipment AND a better platform AND increased conversion rates? It sounds like you’re in a winning situation. 

You have a choice in all this. You can invest in a high end real estate virtual tour camera, but why would you? With just your smartphone, Realync and your own sales process, you have all you could need to start calling those prospective residents new renters. 

If you have questions about virtual leasing and virtual touring, please do reach out. Our team is here to help answer questions and educate on all of the valuable ways that video leasing can impact your team.

Until next time…keep it real!