When you consider your loyalty to a particular brand, which brands come to mind?

Nike? Apple? Rare Beauty?

For these well-known brands, the reason is simple: Consumers trust them. Consumers are loyal to brands’ mission, products, or people.

People root for Nike because they admire Michael Jordan. Apple fans still praise Steve Jobs for his past out-of-the-box thoughts. And others support Rare Beauty because they back Selena Gomez’s mission to bring awareness to mental health.

But what about loyalty to a multifamily property?

Let’s level set. It’s hard to get prospective renters to trust property management companies more than consumer products. Renting is a much larger investment than a $50 pair of shoes.

So is all hope gone for building brand loyalty for your property? Nope.

Brand loyalty is crafted by your property’s team, mission, and the people who call it home – your renters.

And one of the easiest ways to show your property’s uniqueness is via video. Video is intimate. It paints a picture better—and quicker—than actual pictures.

Consider user-generated video content, team videos, and unit videos to build brand loyalty.

User-Generated Videos

Do you have a younger demographic? Are you in the hustle and bustle of a city? If so, you can mirror your brand’s online identity (tone and voice) to appeal to your surrounding neighborhood.

Let’s take a look at Artistry Indy.

Artistry’s pool deck is well known in the city of Indianapolis. People rave about it to their friends, who tell their friends and who tell—you guessed it—their friends.

Artistry recognized this trend and made its pool deck a destination. Artistry’s pool deck has its own location on Instagram.

People tag Artistry’s pool deck in videos which give any prospective renter searching for apartments in Indianapolis a look into the community and what to expect when living there.

Team Videos

If you don’t have an Instagrammable rooftop deck, you can still create brand loyalty via videos in other ways.

Let’s say your property’s leasing agents are all social butterflies. They know every renter by name—even their dog’s name. That in itself is unique.

Capture videos of the team and share fun facts about them with renters.

How does this build brand loyalty? It builds trust with renters when they know details about the leasing team. Plus, renters want to see familiar faces consistently.

Here’s a great video example of team introductions from one of our clients.

Unit Videos

If you don’t have a rooftop deck or your team is shy on video, lean on your property (your product) to do the talking.

Do residents rave about how spacious your studios are? Capture a virtual tour of your available units and describe why your property’s studios are beautiful—and affordable.

Unit videos help prospective renters see your community’s vibe. Is your community more sophisticated, artsy, or modern? You’ll attract prospects to your property’s personality, but you first have to show them. Get your property out there using video on socials and in email outreach.

Let’s look at Bozzuto’s property Dylan & Reese.

From the get-go, you can feel the comfort this property provides from their website. Smiling faces. Elegant fonts. Beautiful amenities. But they don’t stop there. They make their unit videos stay consistent with their website experience when touring renters virtually.

This kind of detail draws prospects in, making them loyal fans of your brand.

You could mirror a similar branding strategy.

Brand Loyalty in Multifamily

Your multifamily property might not have the same fame as Nike or Apple, but renters don’t expect your apartments to come with an endorsement deal with LeBron James (if they do, they have another thing coming). But your property’s personality can still win hearts—and leases—via your secret weapon: Video.