Apartment video tours are a must-have for any multifamily property looking to be competitive in the market. Leasing teams can no longer expect prospects to drop everything and come down to physically tour a space—it just can’t be the only touring option. Today’s consumers are used to virtual experiences, one in which they can choose where, when, and how to engage with a property.

So, if you’re looking for how to get started, or how to improve your existing apartment video tour process, we’re here to help.

With these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating high-quality, effective apartment video tours that will increase your lead-to-lease rate.

Step 1: Find and Invest in a Video Leasing Solution that is Built for Multifamily

This is by far the most important step in creating apartment video tours. It feels like there are hundreds of virtual tour creators on the market that all do different things and create different types of tours. However, if you’re looking to create apartment virtual tours, you want a solution that is truly built for multifamily use.

As you well know, there are so many nuances and specific needs in the multifamily real estate world. Realync understands, and appreciates, all of those unique aspects. That’s why we built the Realync platform specifically for multifamily teams.

Yes, you can pull out your mobile phone and shoot a video tour with the native app. But, what you’ll soon find is that it leaves large gaps in what a leasing agent or property manager can do with that apartment video tour. For example, it provides you with one long shot rather than bite-sized clips, easy to edit and share video clips. Plus, filming on a native app saves the video to your phone rather than the cloud and there are no editing capabilities unless you download a separate app.

Realync not only provides a virtual apartment tour app for iPhone and Android devices, it means you can film, save to the cloud, easily access your tours and edit all within the same app. That’s why if you start with a built for multifamily video leasing solution like Realync, you’re setting yourself up for the best possible result. Now, all of that may sound like a lot. That’s where step two comes in.

Step 2 – Find and Take Training Courses

There are plenty of simple things leasing agents can make sure to do, or avoid doing, at the outset when creating an apartment video tour. These virtual apartment tour tips can really make or break the quality of the video. Not just the production quality, though certainly that, but also the overall experience the prospect has with the video tour.

That includes everything from how the video gets shot and sent to how the prospect engages with the content and the ease of use. But, each of those aspects is made a little easier with some training.

Realync has a rock-solid support team. Be sure to engage with the Realync team for some quick, easy training. They cover tips, tricks, and best video practices. They’ll not only show you how to use the virtual tour mobile app, but also how to integrate your apartment video tours into your existing processes and systems. With very little time invested, you’ll know:

  • How to create a virtual apartment tour shot from your iPhone or Android device
  • How to store it in the cloud, making it accessible to your entire team
  • How to embed video links into your processes with full tracking, data, analytics, and reporting

Step three: Get Out There and Shoot

There is a lot of hesitancy around shooting an apartment video on an iPhone or Android and putting that in front of residents. You may worry about production quality and the video not showing the property well. Or, you might worry about your teams’ being camera shy! Our biggest piece of advice around that is to have them practice! They’ll never know all the benefits video will provide them until trying it. Allow them to mess up and make a blooper reel. Our client success team does it all the time! They got this!

Remember that as long as teams understand the needs, goals, and desires of the person or people they are shooting that tour for, they’ll be successful. The biggest thing to remember is to personalize the experience for each prospect.

Video will communicate your messages and provide an experience that is very effective and streamlined. It doesn’t require a prospect to be physically on-site or travel to the property for the tour. In fact, all the prospect has to do is take the step and request the tour. Then, they can see the property and experience it courtesy of the apartment video tours.

Getting out there and shooting a few tours will quickly help teams overcome the fear. The results will come along.

There you have it! Three easy steps will get you on your way to accelerating your lead-to-lease conversion rate and meet your leasing goals. And it all starts here with Realync.

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