It’s important to know how to make a real estate video tour in today’s multifamily real estate industry. But, what is more, important is knowing how to make the most of your virtual tour which is more than just a step-by-step guide.

Of course, there are more technical shooting aspects and equipment to consider when creating a virtual tour. Here are a few other quick tips.

  • You want to make sure you have the right tools like a high-quality stabilizer or gimbal to keep videos steady and running smoothly.
  • You’ll also want to shoot videos in horizontal mode, with a wide-angle lens attachment if your phone doesn’t have that option.
  • Make sure you have the best lighting.

Above are all important to create a high-quality tour. However, when you’re using Realync, there are a few important features you’ll want to make sure you understand how to use. Here are a few key things when learning how to make a real estate video tour using Realync.

Realync Is a Complete Virtual Platform

Realync is multifamily’s complete virtual solution. What’s that mean? Well, for starters, it’s going to make life easier for your prospects and your leasing team. You can create, edit, personalize and share video content. With many other virtual tour creators you’ll need to shoot in one app, then use another app for editing, and then maybe a third tool or app for adding text or copy.

That’s a lot of jumping around and room for error. Take TikTok for example. You can’t edit or revise a video once it’s live. So, if you post the wrong link or misspell a caption, guess what? You’re starting over from scratch. If you know how to make a virtual tour video with Realync, you can shoot your clips, edit those clips, revise them, add copy and music, and add calls to action to the video in one platform. Plus, Realync Studios has added a new service: 360-degree video creation. That’s right—Real360. Realync Studios’ services employs video experts to capture video, 360 video, and 360 click-through tours on behalf of multifamily properties. A one-stop-shop for creating high quality virtual tours.

Compliance Matters
Another key feature to understand when learning how to create a virtual tour is being compliant across the board. Your videos, whether they are a pre-recorded video tour, 360-degree tour or a live tour, they must be WCAG and Fair Housing compliant.

With Realync, those compliance features are already there. They are built into the software and not something you’ll even need to think about. Realync runs in the background, making sure your video is WCAG compliment. That will mitigate any issues with compliance and accessibility, and Fair Housing requirements. And Realync does it without you having to manage it. This is key to avoid major, potentially costly, issues in the future.

No Extra Work for the End-user

Among the biggest draws for knowing how to make a real estate video tour is that it makes things easier for your prospect and for the leasing agent. You’re saving time and adding convenience. However, if you’re asking your end-user to download extra software or apps, or use software they may not be familiar with just to view the tour? You lose a big part of that convenience.

Think about your own experiences with virtual platforms. If you’re a solid Zoom user and someone sends you a Microsoft Teams meeting, there may be a learning curve that’s a little, well, irritating. Or maybe your devices aren’t set up for that platform so you have issues accessing it or the audio doesn’t come through. This is the same pain point many prospects could have when leasing agents try and give virtual tours using Zoom or Teams or even FaceTime.

If you’re learning how to create a virtual tour with Realync, your prospect doesn’t need to download or log-in or do anything like that. It’s a simple way to make the virtual touring process even easier.

Use Tracking and Analytics

Another factor you should consider for how to make a real estate video tour is how you’ll measure its success. If tracking and analytic features aren’t built into the virtual tour software, you may be left in the dark.

Having a successful virtual tour isn’t just about creating the content. You need to see what type of content is resonating with your target audience. Are they viewing the video tour? Are they sharing it with other people? Is it easy for them to view on whatever device they choose?

Those insights are easy to get when creating a virtual tour using the Realync platform. You’ll see that date in real time and can follow up appropriately. You don’t get that level of analytics, or anything close, with Zoom or Teams or FaceTime. The strongest virtual tours aren’t just about the content created but also knowing what kind of content is working for your audience so you can rinse and repeat.