The real estate industry relied on still photos or overly produced general videos to showcase properties back in the day. Leasing teams hoped that would be enough to garner interest. Unfortunately, knowing how to actually make a beautiful (and unedited) real estate video tour just wasn’t on the radar.

In today’s climate, prospective residents are looking for more. They want more information upfront to make a more educated decision. But, they also want that information presented in an authentic, real, and transparent way – a way that allows them to trust what they are seeing is what they are going to get.

The good news? That’s where virtual leasing and virtual tours for real estate can be a life, and profit, saver. For leasing teams who are just getting started on how to create a virtual tour, it may seem overwhelming at times; luckily, the right tool will provide you with the right training!

Here’s even more good news – you’ve come to the right place. Before Googling the best virtual tour software of 2021, let us help your team learn how to make a virtual tour with just a mobile phone. So, to get started, there are three main elements to keep in mind.

Have the Right Virtual Tour Tool

Having the right tools doesn’t mean you need a full-scale lighting set-up or the most expensive camera on the market. Instead, it means having a built-for multifamily virtual leasing solution that can help create, edit and share video tours quickly and easily.

Personalization is critical for leasing agents who want to see success when creating video tours for prospective residents. Creating the best video tour experience involves building trust with your prospect, whether via live virtual tour or through a curated pre-recorded playlist of video.

A truly built-for multifamily virtual leasing solution makes creating virtual tours with that level of personalization quick and easy. Leasing agents can use their mobile phones, shoot, edit and share clips with their prospects.

Now, you may think that it’s easy to do that with a native app or Facetime. So, why do teams need a fully formed virtual tour creator? How do you create a virtual tour with an iPhone or how do you make a virtual tour with an Android? First, it’s important to understand the pitfalls of using a phone and its camera versus an app.

You can’t edit as easily – the videos often aren’t stored in the cloud, where they can be accessed again down the road. Do you think your one prospect is the only one who is going to want to see the pool? It’s more likely you or a colleague will want to access that video again down the road. With just a phone, you’ll eat up your storage space.

You also won’t be able to easily and efficiently layer in company branding or incorporate other company assets. And that video? It may not come with the appropriate Fair Housing compliance or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It certainly won’t integrate with the team’s existing processes and systems like customer relationship management software, the website, or other communication tools.

Anti-Shake Gimbal

An anti-shake gimbal is another tool that teams should have when learning how to make a real estate video tour. It makes shooting a video with an iPhone or Android unable to shake. So, to keep things looking smooth and professional, grab an anti-shake gimbal.

These handy devices attach directly to your mobile phone and can keep the shot looking still throughout the tour.

Get the Right Training

Last but not least, one of our key tips on how to make a real estate video is to get training. A simple one-hour training will teach you all the video tips, tricks, and best practices on how to make a virtual tour. Training can go such a long way when creating video tours for the apartment community and showcasing the property well.

Training gives the leasing teams confidence in what they are doing, especially without any prior video experience. It also makes for a very streamlined and efficient process for creating those video tours.

There you have it. With the right tools and a little bit of training, leasing teams will be well equipped to know how to create real estate video tours that are high-quality, highly effective, and will lead to long-term leasing success.

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