If you’re wondering how to get started with apartment video marketing, you’re not alone. It can feel overwhelming when you’re tasked with marketing ideas and creating video. However, with a little guidance, you’ll be on your way in no time.

The best advice we have to kick off video marketing efforts is to think about each touch point in the renter lifecycle and work to add video options to those touchpoints as it makes sense for you and your prospects. From the moment they open their Google search to when they sign on the dotted line of the lease, each interaction is an opportunity to add video.

Look at each step and find the gap where apartment video marketing can be incorporated. Here are a few places we think could are easy areas to insert a video.

Start with the Initial Search

Where is the first place to use apartment video marketing? We’d say it’s at the beginning of a prospect’s search. The best way to do that successfully is to give your prospects what they are looking for as soon as possible. And that means showing them unit-specific information.

They don’t want to know about ALL of your one-bedrooms. They want to know about a specific floor plan and the available units. So, show them a video of that unit. Don’t just show a model or another similar floor plan. If you’re occupied, when you go to turn the apartment, grab a video next time.

Unit-Specific Videos

When you’re building your video content, there are a few key things to remember. First, while you will obviously film inside the unit, make sure to show the outside as well. FIlm what it looks like to walk off the elevator to the front door. People don’t often catch that vantage point in their videos, and it’s definitely something prospects will want to see and can help them make their final decision.

Also, show some ”behind the scenes” footage. Open the balcony door and show the view. Don’t talk; let the renters take in the sights and sounds from that vantage point. Listen to the birds chirping and the sound of the water in the pool or garden area if you have that. You want to showcase those unique things — the sights, sounds, and overall appeal to all the senses. Also, consider filming a quick video of your steps to prepare the unit. For example, talk about cleaning the carpets, the fresh paint job, and cleaning the unit professionally. These things will make a renter feel comfortable that you’re going above and beyond. This can be a top-notch apartment leasing strategy as many competitors aren’t thinking about it.

Showcase these unit-specific videos everywhere your prospects may be searching for a new apartment home -including your property website, corporate website, ILS listing, or any potential apartment advertising examples. This will be one of your most powerful forms of apartment digital marketing.

Look at Using Social Channels

Your social media channels are among the best for apartment marketing ideas, specifically apartment video marketing assets. After their primary search on Google or a Google-directed site, many prospective renters will check out those social channels to learn more about the property.

These channels showcase your most authentic content, whether it’s content produced by you, video from your current renters, or content where your property is tagged. This type of content is much more authentic and unfiltered than the marketing videos on your site. So, use your social channels to repurpose the video content prospects want.

Stand Out in Their Inboxes

Apartment marketing companies tell you to stand out in prospects’ inboxes. Apartment shoppers receive many emails daily.

If you know that your prospects are getting emails from competitors and ILSs, you should use video to make your content stand out and not get lost in the inbox. Here’s where video can help.

Consider personalized follow-ups, gifs, customized videos, and playlists showing units you’ve chosen specifically for them. You know what they are looking for, so use your apartment video marketing assets to show them. Creating a personalized experience is how you can, and will, stand out.

Getting started with apartment video marketing can feel like a lot. However, start by looking at every interaction and touchpoint you have with prospects. That will allow you to identify places video can have a real impact and map out a plan for going forward.