Nearly every property is creating apartment videos these days. And that’s great! Video tours, and other virtual leasing tools, are critical for success in today’s environment.

However, the point of these videos is to get a prospect all the way through the lead-to-lease funnel. They need to ultimately help convert and that’s where things can get tricky.

The most important tip for how to create an apartment video that converts? Find a why. Here’s what we mean.

Top-of-Funnel Marketing

When we talk about apartment videos used in the mid-to-late funnel, that can mean a lot of things. Virtual tours and virtual leasing can be a great way to move a prospect through the pipeline, all the way to lease signing. But, before you use an apartment video as a tool in that process, you need to start with the why – the point and purpose.

To start, take a look at where the prospect is in your pipeline. If you want to get an action from an individual, it’s critical to pinpoint where they are in your funnel and what they need out of an apartment video to take that next action. Consider these questions:

  • Are they top-of-funnel prospects and need a marketing type of video – a video that will ask them to take any action to fill out a form and submit their information?
  • Or do they want a certain tour of a floor plan?
  • Or do they know which floor plan they want and just need to ask a few clarifying questions?

Maybe you’re using the apartment video to get prospects to preview or tour the property on a different decision-making level. Perhaps you’re helping them to hone in on the exact floor plan and unit they may want to live in. Regardless, the point and purpose of an apartment video for top-of-funnel marketing are different for a more qualified lead. By using your leasing agent skills, and some of our guidance below, you can get to that why.

Middle-to-Bottom of Funnel Marketing

If you’re looking at how to create an apartment video that converts for a prospect, the why of that apartment video should be to entice. You should focus on getting a prospect to make that first initial step – maybe take an action on a website or request a tour.

To do that, give them enough information to where they will know, to a certain degree, what it would be like to live in the community. Things like apartment videos, the general amenities offered, and the surrounding neighborhood would be great to include here. It’s really all about showcasing as many selling points as possible. What are your key differentiators and what will set your property apart from the competition down the street?

But, don’t give them everything. This apartment video should leave the prospect intrigued and wanting to know more. You want them to take that next step and dive into learning more.

Lead Conversion

For leads and prospective residents already in the pipeline, your apartment videos will need to take a different approach. The point and purpose of these videos are to get your lead honed in and focused on what they want and how your property provides it. For example, use apartment videos to focus them on the exact unit they may want to sign a lease for. This is where personalization is critical. You need to show your prospect what you know they want and need to see – delivering as much value as possible and answering as many questions as possible.

If you know your prospect is looking for small studio apartment floor plans and you show them a 3-bedroom unit, that won’t convert. Instead, show them all you have to offer in terms of small apartment design. Show them the options you have available and help guide them into the exact small apartment plan for them. You can show them exactly what unit they could be living in and signing on the dotted line for. That is the apartment video that can convert a lead to a lease.

In the end, creating an apartment video that converts boils down to creating an apartment video that meets the why – the point and purpose. Knowing why you’re creating the video is going to ensure the content and the call-to-action will meet the prospect where they are – either a new website visitor or a prospect fully in the process. Personalization of that why is critical because that’s the key to getting your prospects to convert.

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