Leasing agents today know they need to know how to make virtual tours. It’s also an extremely busy profession where every second counts. That means on-site teams don’t have extra time to record and edit virtual tours.

The good news is that they don’t need to spend tons of time on a tour video. With these three foundational tips, leasing teams can easily learn how to create a virtual tour that sells in 5-7 minutes.

Step One: Use the Right Tool

If you want to use virtual tours to sell your community, and you want to be effective and efficient in using these tours, you need to start with a virtual touring and leasing platform that is purpose-built for multifamily real estate. That is the number one thing that will make the virtual tour creation process easier, more effective and by far more efficient.

Knowing how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone or how to make a virtual tour with an Android is great. But, having a platform customized for multifamily is going to have functionality that is going to make creating that virtual tour of a unit very simple, effective, and efficient. This means hitting that under-ten minutes level of efficiency. A multifamily virtual tour creator will have the necessary functionality to allow you to record snippets of the unit and stitch them together. It will also easily allow you to overlay what you need to overlay from a branding, voiceover, or music, and compliance standpoint. The best of these multifamily virtual tour platforms will also ensure your tours are Fair Housing Compliant and within Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

You’ll be able to post, share and embed videos, using your virtual tours however you can. Plus, those videos will integrate with your existing multifamily systems and processes. Not bad for just knowing how to make a virtual tour with a phone!

Step Two: Get the Right Training

The second tip for how to make a virtual tour in 5-7 minutes is training. You can purchase any virtual tour software platform you want. However, without the right training to help you and your team understand and use the product, it’s worthless. Leasing agents need to understand the nuances, tips, tricks, and best practices on how to record a unit. They need to know the ins and outs of the platform, how to be smooth and efficient when shooting clips of a unit or part of the property.

Most leasing agents, managers, or on-site teams aren’t videographers. They aren’t coming into the job knowing exactly how to create a virtual tour. So, shooting and piecing together all the minor details for a great virtual tour isn’t really second nature and can be nerve-wracking. With the right training, however, that becomes much easier.

At Realync, our platform is used in thousands of properties throughout the U.S and the U.K. We’ve also trained each and every one of those teams how to be most effective using the Realync platform. That sort of attention to training can help teams be more effective and efficient, knocking out virtual tours that look professional!

Step Three: Practice

There’s no real secret here – you have to practice. Practicing makes things easier; and over time, creating virtual tours will become more efficient. Your first try shooting a real estate virtual tour isn’t going to be your best. It may also take a while to create. And that’s okay! Practicing will help you shoot a polished video quickly. You’ll learn how you shoot best and what your flow is. If you’re shooting unit-specific tours, you’ll get a floor plan down, you’ll know the right shots you want to take, and how to take them.

Then, before you know it, you’ll be able to knock out a virtual tour shoot in 5-7 minutes with no problem. You’ll soon have videos of every unit in your community and be able to quickly update as needed on an ongoing basis. You’ll have a full library of authentic, real video tour content you can post, share, embed and use however you need.

While this list may not give a step-by-step shot list for a unit, it does give you the fundamental things you’ll need to be streamlined and efficient with your recording. You’ll know how to make a virtual tour when using a built-for multifamily platform, getting the right training of the product, and practicing!

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