During the lease up phase of a multifamily property, knowing how to create a virtual tour that pops is paramount. After all, first impressions matter.  Even if you have an established brand behind you, any new construction property is still being introduced to prospects and making a first impression.

You only get one chance to make that impression. So, creating a virtual tour for a lease up property has to be a great experience. To get that experience right, here are some ideas that any management or leasing team of a lease up property should consider when looking to create it. 

Technology Must-Haves 

Using video for lease up marketing can be a little more complicated during lease up, particularly if the property looks a little more construction zone than peaceful home. That’s why one of the first steps in how to create a virtual tour is having the correct virtual tour software. It can make all the difference. Before googling the best virtual tour software 2020 or hop right into buying the first 360 virtual tour software you find, let’s talk about what you NEED.

You need to showcase the property in a real, authentic way. That builds trust and transparency into the construction process when those things tend to be inherently lacking. You need to be able to create and store videos, but also be able to walk a prospect through what you can show right on the spot in a live video tour or virtual open house. Using video leasing technology like Realync means having all of those needs met. Those working at a lease up can create a virtual walk through for later use and promotion using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet. But, they can also walk prospective residents through the community live on the spot via live video tours and virtual open houses as well. Make hard hat tours a thing of the past and showcase your space using the best virtual tour software on the market with Realync

Presentation and Communication  

A virtual tour of your community is likely your first, and sometimes only, chance to make a first impression with prospective residents. So, dress the part! Do as much research as you’d like on how to make a virtual tour for real estate or google “virtual tour creator tutorial”, but none of it will do you much good if you forget that you get one chance to convert a lead. Virtual tour websites may give tons of great advice on the technical side, but it’s equally important to consider the professionalism and polished nature of it. Does it echo the vibe of the property. Is it luxury? Is it located in a more up-and-coming, casual neighborhood? Dress your virtual tour experience accordingly. 

The flexibility of a video leasing platform like Realync, is that you can actually put your team front and center in the tour experiences. When you communicate information about the property, make sure you have your script down. That includes verbal and non-verbal communication. Be open and excited about the possibilities of the property. Make sure you’re using engaging and open body language. As the tour creator, you’re in charge of the mood. Make it count! 

What to Include 

When researching how to create a virtual tour, you may search for virtual tour examples or virtual tour builder examples. That should give you a good idea of which property features should be highlighted. One of the best things you can do while leasing up is use video tours to communicate construction updates and progress on amenities and key community areas. Using virtual tours effectively during a lease up means going beyond the walls of the property as well to showcase local amenities, landmarks, shops and more. Paint the picture of what else the community will offer a prospect. 

The Viewing Experience 

Are you hosting a live video tour? Or are you sharing a recorded tour via social media to a larger group? Or perhaps emailing the video out to your lead list? Your virtual apartment tour or multifamily video tour should be able to be used in a multitude of ways. It needs to work for you beyond just sitting on the website and needs to be a proactive communication tool reaching your audience of prospective residents where they are. And usually, that is not on your property website. That’s why you should consider how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone or iPad and be prepared to share the tour far and wide.

With Realync’s virtual tour technology, you can shoot a video tour with just your mobile device. Not only that, you can save it on the cloud then share however and wherever needed in a trackable, Fair Housing compliant way. The best thing? Your prospects don’t have to sign up, sign in, or download anything to experience your virtual tours – whether live or recorded. Given how fast things can move in the lease up phase, that can be critical. Meet your prospects where they are and give them every opportunity possible to experience your beautiful lease up space! 

Learn more about how to create a virtual tour

As one eventual resident said after viewing a Realync video of an apartment community during lease up, “We live in an HGTV world – people understand construction and want to be a part of the process!” And that is where knowing how to create a virtual tour is so beneficial. With the right technology and a few tips, apartment video tours can easily become one of the most effective parts of a lease up marketing plan. Hit those lease up goals quicker and easier than you ever thought possible with video leasing. 

If you want help getting started, feel free to reach out to us at sales@realync.com. We’re here to help! 

Until next time…keep it real!