Real estate walk-through videos can be one of the more important selling tools to have in your arsenal of tools for any multifamily community. These apartment videos help to provide a first-person perspective of what it will be like walking through the space, before ever stepping foot in person. Often, this video can be as close to an in-person experience as some prospects can get due to various things like distance, time, or, even, personal desire to not visit. 

However, looking at a real estate video price list on a videographer’s website may leave you with some sticker shock. While walk-through videos are important, they can also be pricey to make if you are targeting to hire a professional. The key word there is “CAN” be. They certainly don’t HAVE to be. 

So, let’s review how to create a real estate walk-through video affordably, what you really need in order to make them happen, and why it’s such an important tool for multifamily leasing agents.

Creating a Real Estate Walk Through Video 

Creating a real estate walk through video isn’t as hard as you may think. And you can do it without hiring an expensive real estate videography business. Google “how to make a real estate video tour” or “how to shoot real estate video” and you’ll find that any number of free real estate videography courses or Youtube videos will likely pop up. Look specifically for a real estate walk through video tutorial that provides valuable, direct real estate video tips that are focused on the type of walk through videos you are looking to produce. 

Look for video tutorials that cover a multitude of aspects on how to make real estate walk through videos. These should include everything from video recording tips to real estate video transitions to real estate video camera settings, sharing tips, and everything in between. They may also list and review some optional equipment that you may want to consider. But, before you start thinking about how you are going to budget for the best lens for real estate video, let’s take a minute and review what you actually need. 

What You Really Need For a Great Video Walk Through 

The real estate walk through video cost can truly span the price spectrum. These videos can be very expensive and highly produced or they can be done quickly and easily with minimal time and expense. Some companies include walk through videos in their real estate video packages or list it in their commercial real estate video pricing. However, you can quickly see how things add up. For example, many companies will charge for extra equipment or special lighting for real estate video and most costs will be wrapped up in the post-editing or hosting of the video. Those extras may not be in everyone’s budget. 

But, there’s good news. Quality real estate walk through videos don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With the right real estate video software, you can make great walk through videos using just your smartphone or tablet. It’s true that older technology, like 3D or 360 VR, requires quite a bit of time and equipment, quickly adding to your real estate videography costs. 

Luckily, even if you have the resources, you don’t have to spend a ton of time or money on real estate video marketing to complete your video walkthrough. With an encompassing software like Realync, you can use your smartphone to create and share video walk throughs quickly and easily. With the proper training and software, you can drastically reduce the cost of creating a walk through video compared to other products that require numerous pieces of equipment and expensive software. With Realync, you need your phone and Realync. That’s it. Though, some of the real estate video techniques we talk about in this blog will certainly help. 

Why the Walk Through is Important 

Today, more than ever, people are looking for video to help navigate their real estate decisions. They want to see what’s available and see exactly what is available — meaning their exact floor plan or even their exact unit. But they may not physically be able to be there to see it. With a well done video walk through though, multifamily leasing professionals can show prospects exactly what they want to see in a more streamlined, efficient manner. 

Real estate walk through videos aren’t just for sending directly to prospective residents though. These floor plan specific videos are perfect for adding to the floor plan page on your website or highlighting as a real estate video for social media. 60% of Americans are watching videos on Facebook and the average engagement with videos is nearly double that of posts without videos. 

Realync, a Video Solution Specific to Multifamily

Real estate walk through video, with the right software, can be one of the most simple things to create for highlighting your apartment community without breaking the bank. Realync allows leasing agents to have all the equipment they need right at their fingertips, giving them ultimate control and flexibility to deliver exactly what their prospects need and desire. While it may seem daunting to create these powerful experiences on your own, creating an apartment walk through video is not a complicated process. Remember that real matters most. Just show the property as it really stands and that will shine through with your prospects.