The whole world embraced virtual, and it’s time for property management experts to do the same. As most of us know, that means video.

When property management experts look outside the industry, it’s clear that subject matter experts in other fields adapted to this virtual environment by using video to get their messages across effectively. Experts in property management who haven’t already ventured into the world of video need to start. If they don’t, they risk being left behind.

Here’s how property management experts can share their knowledge easily and impactful through video.

Pre-Recorded Video

If you have a message to share, no matter how great of a writer you may be, video may simply be a better way to share it. It’s much more engaging to watch someone present than just read text on a page, especially now in a virtual world. Video may be the best option for a property management expert.

Here’s the good news. Pre-recorded video is a great option when you can’t be in person. You can share your passion and draw your audience in much better than with an article or paper. Video means you can have a whiteboard, or slides, or other visual additions pulled up to engage the audience. You can show charts, numbers, graphs, facts, you name it. But more importantly, you’re able to show your personality in a raw and real way via video. Ultimately, you can better convey a message, or thought leadership on property management rentals with video.

Live Video

There’s nothing quite like live video. It gives your audience an opportunity to watch and interact with you from the comfort of their own home – or wherever they are. Property management experts can share their lesson, best practices, tips – whatever topic is on the docket that day – on live video. That gives the audience an opportunity to ask questions and engage in a more meaningful way.

Rental property management has many variables, so it can be challenging to present a topic that hits the exact right notes for everyone. With live video, you can make sure to address niche areas or questions on real property management issues. That can also be the trigger for that person to sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or buy a book or seminar.

Check out Realync’s VP of Experience, Rachel Yockey, who co-hosted a live webinar, which is now on-demand. You can learn a few tricks from her, plus you could learn a thing or two about how live video tours impacted prospective residents’ leasing decision-making.

Integrating Video

Another way property management experts can use video to share knowledge is by simply integrating video into already existing content vehicles. If you create an email newsletter, include short videos for each of your main topics. This simple tactic allows your audience to consume your message in the way that makes the most sense for them. Are you on social media platforms? If not, you definitely should consider them! Make sure you’re posting videos of your thoughts, opinions, reviews – whatever industry topic you want to dive into. That live video piece we talked about above? Take clips of that and post it – repurposing that valuable content for further use. Your audience follows you as their property management expert. Make sure they get what they are coming for – your expertise.

Check out the property management experts we love learning from

While video may seem daunting, it’s definitely worth the effort. Your audience will find your information more engaging, and they’ll start to identify with you as both their go-to property management expert and with you as a human. While today’s environment has made virtual a more common part of our lives, we still need human-to-human interaction. Pre-recorded video can be sent out through social media or email. Or you could do a live video session. There are so many possibilities with video. Physical distance and time aren’t really a barrier anymore. Anyone from anywhere in the world can engage with you and your material through video easily. And if you’re looking to share your knowledge, what better way than that.

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